Jahind Davis 7-4
March 6th.2017

Muhammad Ali


Born to Cassius Clay Sr. and Odessa Grady Clay on January 17th ,
1942, Louisville Kentucky Muhammad Ali became one of the most
influential black sports figure in history. During his early childhood
he endured one specific event in which, in 1953 the red & white Schwinn
was stolen. He quoted that ,"I'm gonna whup whoever stole my bike. So
naturally he went and reported it to fellow police officer,Joe martin.
Luckily enough on it's own it had sparked an idea for Joe Martin to
undergo teaching him how to box for a total of 6 years.After graduating
Louisville Central High school in 1958, 376 out of 391 his compassion of
boxing became even more noticeable. After that the sessions went on, and
Joe had noticed his admiration for it so it had pulled more of his work
ethic and determination along with his Amateur tittles. So he fought all
the way to the 1960 Olympics. Where from there had shot him to the
greatest match yet. His first professional match, so in
October 29th,1960 he played his first match against Tunney Hunsaker So
Ali's reaching of 178 cm a rather fierce intimidating figure had became
a deterrent. After a egregious bloodied 6 round match Ali won in an
unanimous decision. Outside the ring he was vocal about some of his
views and opinions on some of the current problems facing the majority
of blacks or African Americans at the time being. Albeit he didn't
experience the same problems to a draconian degree that most Blacks
suffered, but he found a way to do so through using his popularity. He
stated that "I know i got it made while other black folks are out there
catching hell, but as long as they ain't free, i ain't free." Also to
embellish on this statement in 1964 he changed his name from Cassius
Clay to Muhammad Ali, Muhammad meaning "The one worthy of praise." He
further stated that he changed it because it was a slave name. Which of
course at the time influence blacks to do things to lessen the
oppression by whites at the time. Along with this he joined The NOI or
Nation Of Islam, a religious following that fuses Black Nationalism and
Sunni part of Islam. So on May 25,1965 Ali had won a bout to the
beforehand unbeatable at the time to Sonny Liston(1930-1972), so during
that match Ali had won dominantly towards the 6th round carrying on to
the 7th round. So after that he had won the title of World Heavyweight
Champion. Outside the ring he done something that had put everything
including his career on the line. But before here is a time line of the
military and him. In 1964 Ali had failed the USAF qualifying test
because he wasn't versatile with reading and writing. So with the rising
of the infamous Vietnam War(1959-1975),the government needed more
soldiers to use for battle so test standards were lowered so more people
who weren't educated which was 2.4 percent based on the NAAL (National
Association of Adult Literacy) allowed for Ali to be qualified again. So
in 1965 that caused for Ali to be reclassified as an 1-A in February of
1966. This casted a new status, eligiable to be drafted and an inducted
into the United States Armed Forces. Of course his teachings at the NOI
meetings had really taught him a lot about the world around him.. So
when he was alerted by this he stood his ground and declared he wasn't
going to serve in the army. He stated that he was taught by the
honorable Elijah Muhammad(October 7th,1987-February 25th,1875) that,"War
is against the teachings of the holy Qu'ran.I'm not trying to dodge the
draft.We are not supposed to take part in no war execpt for when Allah
or The messenger. We dont take part in Christian wars or any
unbelievers." Also he stated in an interview that,"My concious wont let
me go shoot my brother or some darker people or some poor hungry people
who live in the mud for big powerful America and for what?!, They never
called me a nigger or