IVYT 111

Thinking about work
"I like work: It fascinate me. I can sit and look at it for hours" (Jerome K. Jerome). Work is an activity which involves mental or physical effort in order to achieve a purpose. It is also an important aspect of human life for survival. We work for so many reason s , some work to earn more money, some for the joy of it. However, the reason of involving in work arises out of the numerous needs of human beings. In order to meet up with our demand, we undertake different types of work. To work does not necessarily mean making money, it also involv es what you make out of it. It fascinates me to work because it provides a lot of benefits and also keeps the brain active at all time.
Moreover, work keeps your soul, mind and body busy throughout the working period. It comes with so many rewards for example insurance, some company supports their staff in paying tuition in school and other but the most important of all is how you are enjoying your work. I have been working for some time now and I can sincerely say that the most rewarding part of my job is that it opened my eyes on certain health issues making it easier to pursue my dream carrier.
It gladdens my heart to work each time knowing fully well that everyday come with a knowledge . Working is a wonderful thing to do, but being a supervisor is something that seem impossible. However, being a supervisor is an upliftment from your employer but it come s with a lot of advantages and disa dvantage. The advantages of supervising other people i s that you will be provided with appropriate learning opportunities to develop your skills which is a plus because you are acquiring more knowledge and at the same time be ing paid for it. It also motivates you to work hard. It comes with higher pay, get to be a leader, gain lots of experience, respect will be accorded to you and it give you the opportunity to impact on decision making in the company.
Furthermore, the disadvantages of being a supervisor is overwhelming as it makes you to have more goals and responsibilities as you are to be questioned for any work not properly done. It will also expose you to working extra hours, answer to the top authorities, deal with more people and being responsible for people under you as you can hire or fire people. The aspect of hiring and firing people comes with a lot of hatred, enemity and bad names but as a supervisor you have to endure to be able to do an excellent job.
In as much as it is important to work to gain a living, it is also necessary to work in order to keep yourself busy as they say" An idle mind is a devil's workshop " living bible(TLB) proverb 16:27- 29. This simply mean that people should be kept busy or something happens. Working keeps the mind busy, develops the brain and also brings happiness. It is a good thing to have a stable work because it helps you to concentrate and give in your best. It is also rewarding , it helps to develop your skills and organizing yourself. The stability of your work brings about a stable income and it creates an avenue for promotion.
It is interesting to work because the reward always come at your old age when you can no longer work or do anything. working helps in perfection, success and achieving your goals academically, financially and otherwise.