Iroj Shrestha
Miss Vines
EN 100-19
28 February 2016
Centenary Methodist Church
There was a noisy environment inside the lobby of Centenary Methodist Church, mostly people other than the local people were all gathered inside that church. There was a long wooden hanger for visitors to hang on their long thick winter coats at the left corner of the lobby, a small table at the right corner for different varieties of homemade cookies and small teddies and toys for the kids. Some people with gray hair and wrinkles on their faces were helping each other to bring the pizza boxes inside the lobby\'s kitchen area. Everyone was greeting, hugging and talking to each other. Most of the people were Asian, mostly Chinese. The people of the church were organizing a cookie competition in which the best decorative cookie would get the first place and win some gifts. They would be provided with a small heart shaped baked cookie which had to be decorated with different edible colors and icings. Small children who could not participate in that competition were trying to solve the tower of Hanoi. A rectangular shaped thin plastic material resembling some kind of dice were scattered all over one of the table. Some men in were playing with the dice and making some noise.
The senior members of the church and some other old age group of people were hosting this party. They organize these kinds of events on the weekend to bring people closer. There was a long wooden table were many boxes of domino\'s large size pizzas. They were many varieties of pizzas like chicken, turkey, cheese, pepperoni and so on. I could see a greater number of people around that table. They had some slices of pizza on their plate in one hand and on the other hand was a half eaten slice. They were talking, smiling, laughing and mostly enjoying their get together. There were small babies dressed cutely and beautifully sitting on their mother\'s lap. Small kids were running and jumping around, lost in their own childhood happy day moment. There were young boys and girls who were talking with each other as well as checking their cell phone time and again. They seemed like college students and were talking about their colleges and studies too.
It was time for the competition and people started decorating their cookies. I also took part in it. People had decorated their cookies beautifully with many bright colors. I won the second place and was gifted a small cute brown teddy bear. After that people started serving and eating dinner. After the people were done with the dinner, they all gathered together and started to take out some notes and books from their handbags. I was wondering why these people are taking out their books and stuff. Then after some time, the father of the church came to the front and started talking about Jesus. He thanked the Lord for the day and how he has blessed us with everything with his head bowed down and eyes closed. Everyone in the church followed him including me. Then they sang some songs in the name of Jesus with their hands held high. Since I hadn\'t visited church before I was unknown of what was happening there. Then I tried to get into the situation by learning from other people. The father read some verses and paragraphs from the bible and started their gospel. All the people were reading the bible and sharing the gospel, only a few international people who follow a different religion, like me, were just hearing it. I could see a lot of people with different ages and backgrounds coming in this place and sharing their moments. The people of the church were really friendly and helpful.