Iroj Shrestha
Miss Vines
EN 100-19
3 February 2016

A Week with a Hundred Adventure

It was 7 o\'clock in the morning, and my cup was still warm with half filled coffee. A vibration with a beep; a message from my boss "See you in my office by 0800." This was how he had exactly texted me. His brand new office set up, the smell of fresh paint, and a chocolate-colored wooden floor was nice to enjoy with the sound of my footsteps. His frown wrinkled face with a handful of paper could easily express what I was assigned for. A new office, new boss and a new task.
I got out of his office with the job specs, a brief description of a place we were heading for, shelter points, logistics management paper and a 4x4 map. Trucks were passing through the gate in a convoy and there was a jeep arranged for us to manage until the first rendezvous at Gorkha. "Have a good day, son" he patted on my shoulder, with a brief nod saying no single word, I jumped into the jeep. I shouldn\'t have address seniors that way, but I was already on the jeep. The only thing I could always hear was the sound of the engine disregarding the folk song in that audio system I switched myself to earbuds.
The highway was dense with trees on both sides and some small huts selling hot tea. After a 6 hours drive we were at first rendezvous, it was almost dark at the bank of a river where we had set up for our first night before a week trek to Lamjung. "sir, supper is ready" a 6 feet tall muscular guy stood in front of me.
"Okay, serve our boys first and get me a packet of cigarette" I said.
"sir, there are no any stores around here, we are at the bank of a river" he responded.
A chilly night without a cigarette I thought to myself and said "its okay, you can leave".
A table with a folding mechanism was laid and two chairs and the supper was ready. I asked one of my boys
"why is this extra chair here?"
"sir" he responded, "Maj. Basnet will be here to join you for the dinner."
"well, where is he?" I asked.
"Sir, he is on the phone and said he would be back soon."
It\'s freezing and I don\'t know why we are made to wait for seniors all the time. With a majestic voice Major Basnet said
"hey, you could have started"
"Its okay, sir" I replied.
Basnet was tall, short haired and kind of mute all the time as I was not. After the supper Major Basnet stood up and expressed his appreciation for our hospitality.
"Thank you for the dinner, Charlie Company and welcome to your very first adventure mr…….,
"Iroj, Sir" I replied.
"Okay, Iroj have a good night" he responded.
"good night, sir."
Strange and short conversation anyway the food was great.
Melodies from the chirping birds and a harsh pull of boot lace woke me up. I slowly pulled the zipper down the sleeping bag and got out of my tent. "Good morning, sir" all my boys roared at one voice "Good morning guys". We were all set to march after reporting Maj. Basnet.
I would really miss the chance viewing such magnificent scenic views if I was not listed to on the move. Anyway, I should thank Col. For his graciousness providing me this opportunity I thought to myself. Walking all day long with one heavy lunch and no dinner arrangements, sounds pretty much survival training. And for me, it was a real survival as I had no any cigarettes for the day until the next rendezvous which was village Maaling.
Small creeks, dense wood, damp smelling soil, large rocky hills were all we had to come across and move on like we had no other clue to Maaling. Finally, we made the second rendezvous point, village Maaling. Well, If I have to define someday a paradise, it would be no other than village Maaling. Located at a peak of a hill, to lay a beautiful village with merely fifty houses was like god\'s creativity,