- Introduction
Nowadays, if a logistics company want to maintain a competitive advantage in the logistics industry, it requires providing better and reliable service by using different kinds of logistics software and programs. In addition, customer further improves the requirements of everything like speed, accuracy, clear information etc due to Information Technology is fully developed and still keep improving. Thus, in every process of logistics need a specialized method to handle. However, we have found that there are still a lot of complaint about some logistics company especially the part of the delivery. It seems to be a real common problem in this industry. Therefore, we have chosen the one major problem of one company and the company is "S.F. Express". This is a large express company in China. This company has a huge service network not only the area of china but also overseas.
- Company's problem
As there are some complaints from the customers of the SF Express, they claimed that the company always deliver their wanted items to the wrong address. For example, there is somebody said that he or she asked the stock should be sent to Kwai Fong at 6 pm, but the courier sent it to Chai Wan at 4 p.m. It is a question that the wrong destination is too far from each other, and also the time is not correct. This mistake cannot be accepted as maybe it is the human error without using the information technology , non-fixed format always mislead others to follow the wrong direction .
Besides this , there is a security problem on the receipt certification, when a stock comes to us , the company should notice the identity of their customer. This is because that guy who received the stock, but it does not belong to him or her by according to the information of the customer in the receipt . It is a serious problem for everybody that it will be no protection of their stocks if they were stolen by the  others during the delivery , or their identity was also stolen to receive the stock, just like the situation in the Legislative Council Election recently , I was voted by someone . This can say that may stock is taken by someone, same as my right of voting is lost in the record.
For the example of providing a bad service bad by the SF Express to their customers, is about that someone was clicked the service about to pick up the stock by delivering to the address (especially the resident) to receive and sign the name. However, the company corrected the arrangement of taking the stock of picking up in their stores. That customer was not satisfied since the company neglect the requirements of their costumes and change itself. It makes anyone unacceptable if the situation of asking for something in reason but there is a wrong response for me. In addition, there is some case from my friend that he chose the service of SF Express to send his sports shoes which bought from Taobao before. However, they lost his shoes during the process of transportation (maybe in the warehouse). He felt angry that there is no explanation or some compensation (such as refund and follow up the case) to him, and also deny to have the responsibility for the incident. Therefore, it is a problem of the missing item by the company, there is no idea to solve it and know the reason why the stock is losing.
By summarizing the examples, lack of communication is one the problem find in SF Express, this is because we observe that most of the action we discovered that the company doesn't have any solution to solve the conflicts or mistakes between them and their customers. If this still happens continuously, the image of the company will be bad in public's eyes. We also find that transparency is not clear enough to let the costumers know more about the information about the status of their cargo, such as the location for tracking a stock in real time. Some other persons said that his cargo always on the same situation when he received it, by