John T. Grady
When you go to an interview, you should dress appropriately, instead of dressing casually or formally. Youíve heard someone say if no matter what kind of the job interview, you should dress formally, like a professor. Itís not entire true because how you dress is depends on what job you apply. For example, if you wear formal suit to go an interview for a security job and they ask you to run in short racing, you will face a disadvantage if the competitor wears casual dress with running shoes. Unless you donít wear bad clothes with awful smell or bad color, interviewers will do their jobs. If you donít wear a suit and interviewers donít ask you as much as another candidate, so you donít need to be sad. Therefore, you should wear what you think itís suited for that job interview.
If a company hires you, you will be a part of it; however, you need to pass its interview. In an interview, you could think youíre belonging to the company and try to act like this instead of thinking you want to be in it. The pretending helps you to aware what is going around a company, especial the environment around you in the interview room. A company needs a best candidate and a good co-worker too. You should see people as same as your friends and competitors, not enemies. If you see a person as a competitor, you want to do better than him or her; otherwise, you want to try holding him or her back if he or she is your enemy.