English 1B, Professor Greger
Essay 2
What makes people crazy? Does our society make us crazy? Our society can definitely make us crazies for sure. We turn into insane people because of our society’s powerful forces. Those forces make us really mad because they prevent us from getting what we want. Emily, the main character from “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner and Jane, the main character from “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Gilman were really mad at the society for not giving them what they want. All that Emily wants is the love and all that Jane wants is the freedom. Since they didn’t get any love and freedom from the society, they got mad and became crazies. Which one of the need can make you crazier: love or freedom? As you read the two stories, you would learn that the madness of Emily’s love from “A Rose for Emily” is crazier than the need of Jane’s freedom from “The Yellow Wallpaper.”
In the first story “The Yellow Wallpaper,” Jane becomes a lunatic because of her madness which is caused by the need of freedom. Her madness is her mental isolation. She stops connecting with outside reality world and she creates herself a new world in her mind where she can escape to get the freedom. She sees a woman behind the yellow wallpaper’s pattern who is trying to get out of the patterns. She sees women creeping around the room inside of the wallpaper. She sees that one woman finally came out of the wallpaper who is also herself. “I wonder if they all come out of that wallpaper as I did” (6) gives the idea that she finally comes out of the wallpaper. Wallpaper represents as an obstacle which doesn’t let her to get the freedom. She sees herself finally got out from the wall is the time her nervous breaks down and she becomes a crazy. Her mental isolation makes her seeing a trapped room which she has to get out to be freed. John, the husband represents as the wall covering her to achieve freedom. John is the one who told her not to write because she is not well mentally. It does not make sense for her since she believes that she will feel better if she writes her thought on the paper. Because of that she can’t write her thought out on the paper, they are simulated as a reality in her mind and saw a woman’s action in the wallpaper. John believes that she has the depression so he tells her to do nothing but take a good rest. She believes that doing activities and writing paper will help to feel better. Those are the freedoms she wants which John is the yellow wallpaper forbidding her not to get out of the wall to achieve those freedom. Because of that she is so mad for not getting what she wants; she starts to come out of the wallpaper when she becomes an insane person. As an insane person she creeps around the room as a woman inside the wallpaper creeping around the wallpaper. This kind of madness would not occur if the society is not stopping a person to do what she wants to do. For Jane, her society is her husband. In 1899, women had been oppressed by men. Women had to behave as men wanted them to behave. Women had no right to do what they want to do. It is rational for the society that women have to do as men tell them to do. That’s why Charlotte writes this story so that the society will know what would happen to a woman who is seeking for the freedom from the oppression.
The narration of “The Yellow Wallpaper” is so simple that it is easy to read and understand. It is easy because it uses as a first person perspective. Jane is the narrator and she is using “I” in the narration which gives the clarity of the story from her perspective. It is much easier when the narration from the start of Jane’s oppression to the end of Jane’s insanity instead of going back and forward which we read in “A Rose for Emily.” Although there are bias of what