Creative writing
Shot story
Cesar was a young man in the late 30's, who liked the good and easy life, so he and his friends started a gang so that they could steal from the people from Grandview Town. They started small, stealing a wallet one day, then a small store the next day.
However, it wasn't enough for them, they wanted more, much more, so Cesar, who was the gang leader said to the other guys “if we continue to steal only small things, we will never be rich. It will take use years to get where we want." So they started robbing banks, and big expensive stores.
They started to become rich. One day, Cesar met a girl, Juliette, a very beautiful young lady. Juliette was a tall brunette, with light brown eyes that looked like two drops is honey. Cesar fell in love with Juliette, and Juliette liked him too, but for her the like that he had wasn't good. She asked him to quit robbing, and he did because he loved her very much. He looked for an honest job, he didn't make much money, but he was happy to make her happy.
One day, the house of a very rich woman was robbed, a very expensive Russian hat was stolen, and everyone thought it was Cesar. The same day he bought his wife a Russian hat that looked exactly like Ms. Samantha's. They went for a walk and Juliette wore the hat, the police arrived, and asked her where she got the hat, because it looked like the one that was stolen. She said her husband gave her. And they all looked at him, even she thought he was guilty.
The police took him to the police station and stated to ask him questions, but he didn't want to answer. So the police investigated the case and found out that that wasn't Ms. Samantha's hat, it was a cheap copy of the hat, so they let Cesar go. He was innocent.
"Why didn't you say it wasn't you who stole the hat? You almost went to jail," asked his wife angry. "Because I'd rather go to jail than say that I wasn’t able to give you the best, which you deserve.”