Information technology is a big part of the business and living world. Business world is using it to improve the utilization of resource and make reasonable decisions. IT is also widely adapted to human activities more convenient. However, this is not surprising that IT problem cause upset for everyone. From my own experience, many websites mandatory require you change your passwords once a year like Google and RamWeb. If you didn't do it, website system will remind you over and over again after you change password. This is annoying. Even I change my password, I also have a strong possibility forget the new password that I change. Because the old password is that I usually type on keyboard, I can't just remember it immediately. The most common result are that click to request my password or spend some time to remember what is current password. I think this is the website over-protect account's security. Every user should have the right to set up whether the system need remind change password periodicity. If you have important information and secret, that person will set up high security password or other way to protect the account. So I think the part of password system should be more flexible and apply to everyone. This is the IT problem what I met and some idea on how to solve it.