In 1972, Marvel launched a series focused on its first African American superhero Black Panther.

As years progressed there started to be more African American superheroes, such as Storm, Blade, Falcon, Spider-man, and many more in marvel comics.

However, there is a lack of African Americans actors portraying these roles on the big screen. The only Marvel movies that have casted an African American in a main role are Blade and the recent remake of Fantastic Four. That is only 2 out of 22 Marvel films.

Michael B. Jordan an African American actor, who recently played the role of the Human Torch in Fantastic Four. They're some audience who didn't like the idea of Jordan playing the Human Torch since the comic book character is white. There are African American Super heroes in comic books, such as Spiderman, although white in films. So shouldn't African Africans feel some way when they aren't seen in films, but are seen in Comic books?

A parent named Leah Red was interviewed walking into Big Planet Comics in Washington D.C. She has a 12 year old son who is African American and enjoys reading comic books." My son has asked me before why can't Super-man be black in films just like he is in Comic Books? And I told him just because he isn't black in films doesn't mean that he isn't just as good of a superhero," Red said.

With having a young audience and having them lookup to these superheroes this does affect some children. Some African American children feel as if they can' t be a superhero because they barely see African American superheroes, but some may think otherwise. There are some children who question why the main superheroes in films are not African American.

The older audience had some thoughts about the issue as well. A college student by the name Billy Battle an African American male who was spotted in the Fantom Comics in Washington D.C had some thoughts on the issue. Billy says, "I am very into comic books and have noticed that there is a difference between films and comics. People who read comics and have spoken on the issue about not giving them what they see in comic books in films. I have a little brother who questions me about this issue, and I don't really know what to say."

An Employee who works at Fandom Comics in Washington, DC by the name Jake Shapiro was asked, "Do you get customers who ask you why there aren't as many black superhero's represented in films, as there is in comics?" Jake says," We don't get asked that maybe because people already know that superheroes movies are created by white creators. If there were black creators then it would be more diversity."

Hollywood films rarely cast people of color including superheroes, and there are people who have spoken upon the issue especially on social media. So will there be a change with more African Americans playing main roles in superhero movies? There are rumors on websites such as Cinemablend that an African American man by the name Donald Glover is going to be playing the new spider-man in the next film. If this happens, hopefully they will continue casting African American superheroes in films.