Ifeoluwakiisi Adejoorin
Professor Seifert
ENGW 102 Sec 10
15 September 2017
Examination Malpractice in Nigerian Secondary Schools and the Involvement of Parents
People used to be ashamed of going against the rules and regu lations. But, not anymore. It is as though those who are doing the right things are to be ashamed . "Die die nimu eledee fin wogba ", a proverb in Yoruba language which means that we should attend to small problems before they become big , comes to mind. If only we had been smart enough to a dhere to the words of this proverb , maybe examination malpractice wouldn't have become this popular. There was a time when people used to pride in their honesty, albeit it wasn't always profitable. Our values in Nigeria have been greatly degraded. What happened? In early years, parents had time to be parents and their children were their greatest legacies. Sadly, that's no longer the case in Nigeria. Everyone is chasing a career and economic gains. Of course, there's nothing wrong with such things. The problem is that these things are now more important than raising honest children. As a result, we have a society of educated rogues. There's only so much that a school or teachers can do to help her child who has not been taught from home. Indeed, the need for well-bred children, eventually adults, cannot be over emphasized. In the Yoruba culture, such an individual is referred to as " Omoluabi " which means one who is well brought up and is aware of his responsibilities to himself, his family and the society.
The place of parents and parenting as unfortunately been taken by the media and outsiders. The parents say that they are working to secure a better future for their children. But, from what I've seen in schools, the future of these kid s as well as that of the country doesn't appear very promising. Th ey end up achieving the reverse . Whether consciously or unconscious, the results are not beautiful to say the least. By being overly career and wealth focused, these parents have exposed their children to the vices of the media. Unfortunately, they are not even there to help them filter the things they watch, read and listen to. We have also adopted a "it's not business attitude" where nobody corrects anybody if it does not have a direct impact on them. We simply shrug and say, "Oh well, it's not my business." Forgetting that in the future the entire society will reap the fruits and we are part of that society.
I will be exploring the roles of parents in the increasing rate of examination malpractice as. To do so effectively, I will consider what point we are at and how we got here. I will also explore solutions to the prob lem of examination malpractice and the roles of parents towards solving a problem that they helped to create.
However, I will face some challenges. For instance, as much parents as have a huge role to play in this problem, there are other causal agents that cannot be completely ignored. I hope to be able to to uch lightly on these others with out drifting away from my central theme. I am sure t
Irrespective of the challenges, I intend to go on with my research because I believe that this problem is getting out of hand and must not be overlooked. The future of Nigeria is it stake and we must save it. This research will not only create awareness about the problem of examination malpractice but would also offer practicable solutions to help tackle this problem.