Ideology and History Lecture
Personal Freedom
Classical Liberal, absent of . Believe that citizens should be in control, a negative liberty. Free from corrosion. Positive right for citizens to have freedom to become all that you are capable of.
Limited Government
Freedom is in risk from government, and as a result the government should be limited. Limit to 3 function; Governments should provide society from an army from invasion, provide police force (protect our property within). Provide with a system of court
Equality of Right
All citizens should be subjects by the same set of rules equally, procedural procedures. Liberal governments are about outcomes rather than the procedures, equity.
Consent of the Governed
Governments believe that stake should be able to vote, if you own property. If you do not have property then you are not entitled to the ownership of stake.
1642: After this year, Charles the first was executed
Divine rights of kings. England becomes a constitution monarchy
1688: The bank of England is created Plays a role into the industrial revolution
John Locke writes his masterpiece to government.
Essay Topic
Traditional Society
Extended family, the family is the welfare state of traditional society.
Family with a lot of security for a small obligations
Strong control of its members, obligations to the family never ends.
Divided into us and them
Can not be trusted, no obligations to them, only to the extended family.
Enhance your honour to the family.
Must be married and have sons.
Through marriage you should carry the generations, marry up
Arranged marriages in Traditional society.
Mentality is that young people cannot be trusted
If you need any type of loan etc. it is to come from the family.
There is a strict rule for labour . Especially when it comes to what men and women can and cannot do.
Males always get higher status of labour . Men are viewed as physically strong, brave, proud, self confident , clever, bad tempered, stubborn
Women are calm, non violent , moral code.

Women cannot be trusted, big 3 priorities for women;
Modesty, help secure a good family with marriage, and have sons.
Ambitions in a traditional society is not allowed, as it represented in the wrong sense.
Life is not about enjoyment.
Modern Society
Individual freedom is represented, creating no restrictions.
Liked to believe that we are
Belief that we can overcome anything, and overcome anything.
There is deep seated fear of being different.
Huge emphasis on self independence .
Individual is key
Freedom is valued
Taught not to listen to elders, and make up our own minds.
Believe that we should find our partner with love and not arranged.