Dear Journal,

Today is the day of the reaping, where we all come together to chose two victims for the Capitolís annual Hunger Games. My name is the only one in the bowl so it will be chosen. Living in district twelve is hard. We are the lowest in the class system. The food is scarce, and I am the one who has to provide for my family. I canít help thinking about how the hunger games were created. There was a war that broke out, and the capitol won. As punishment, they make the districts send in two tributes to fight to the death. To the people in the capitol this is just a game, but to the districts it real. Although, the wealthy districts train for this day and see it as a chance to show their power, the lower classes are forced to sacrifice a boy and girl who can barely survive their normal life.

I had no choice but to compete in the hunger games for the second time. Even though I am afraid, I will have to be brave and try to win. I keep thinking about how my family wonít be able to survive while I am gone. Even though I have asked Gale to look out for Prim and my mother, I am scared they wonít be able to make it if I die in the games. After the reaping, I was whisked away to the Capitol on a train. Being here reminds me how the upper wealthy class lives. They have everything they could ever need or want. This makes me feel angry towards them, even though it is not their fault, but people in my district are starving and would give anything to have just one good meal here in the Capitol. I just wish there was some way to change this, so that everybody in Panem would have enough like the capitol and the wealthy districts.

Thatís all for today,

Katniss Everdeen