Human Resource Management
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Human Resource Management can best be portrayed as the zone of an association that is in charge of motivating, retaining, and training employees. In spite of the fact that these are the principle elements of Human Resources, different capacities fall under the umbrella of Human Resource. Throughout the years Human Resources has developed and including numerous more capacities including pay, benefits, execution administration, and assessment. Never again are Hu man Resources only to hire, improvement , and training ( Bo rrego, and Johnson,  2012).
As stated by Borrego and Johnson (2012) , t he most vital components of a human asset office is to be a part of the official administration group, or at any rate to have entry to the CEO to keep them educated of the happenings inside the organization and outside the organization as it identifies with HR. HR should contributes to the key measures and the organization al planning in line of the fact that staffing and procedural changes regularly happen as the key heading of the organization changes. HR needs to comprehend what the arrangements are to guarantee they have the staffing and preparing expected to suit the arrangements or on the off chance that they are not equipped for addressing those necessities.
There are a few new security laws, for example, HIPPA, which Human Resources need to guarantee organization consistence. Another basic confusion of HRM is the capaci ty for contracting, passing out discipline for infringement of organization strategy, and for firing work. While these capacities are a piece of the duties of Human Resources, there is a much more extensive degree inside an organization ( Brounstein,  2014). Furthermore, human resource management is supposed to have adequate information on both social and economic issues that the company is facing.
Managing Employees For Competitive Advantage
For any organization to succeed in the current completive economy, human resource manager should understand all the strategies necessary in both keeping up and training his or her employees well. The HR should ensure that the company hires well trained and skilled employees and also it is important to give an existing company\'s workers an opportunity to natural learning , advancement of scholarly capital and upgrades center capabilities. Th is esteem is critical to company\'s future achievement ( Hinc hcliffe, and Kim,  2012)
Second, I believe that every member of the staff whether new or old needs some kind of support amid their work. HR would likewise is supposed to be available to guide sta ff with their profession way, looking into specific courses and establishing training that is m ost appropriate to their work with the purpose of building up all the vital aptitudes to achieve high results in the working environment. Also this will results in production of high quality goods improving company\'s image in the market.
The most important factors that all HR should apply in managing their employees is encouragement. It motivates and empower staff in their present responsibility and in advancing their profession al choices in the organization. With current adversely increase in the workforce, HR must develop to front-line fighters in providing performance guideline.
lastly, HR can manage employees by offering promotion to them. He or she should set up the standard performance that employee should achieve either in order to be promoted to another job level. By doing so, all employees will work smart so that they can be promoted to another level, thus improving the performance of the company in the bu siness ( Lepak, and Gowan,  2010).
HR Challenges
Currently, most businesses are facing many challenges, especially in managing Organizational Demands and Environmental Influences , and Regulatory Issues because of rapid economic changes. Therefore, Human Resource Management should be very keen in solving compa ny\'s problem ( Hinc hcliffe, and Kim,  2012)
Organizational Demands and Environmental Influences
Organizational Demands are the factors affecting the decisions that HR can decides to make concerning how to control and manage company\'s workers while Environmental influences are the external pressure that the company may facing, especially in lying down the strategic of managing employees.
First, Due to different types of workers with different religious believe, the HR encounters a lot of problems in handling them, for instance, you cannot treat Muslim like