Human understands the world based on observation and imagination. Human get knowledge based on observation, and human get information to get knowledge based on imagination. Observation give human a thought that what an event is for, while imagination give a thought how an event exist. Realism events is important to understand the world path; however, anti-realism is the more general theory of knowledge and reality.
According to realism, an unmeasured space-time event has intrinsic properties and is complete determined. It means if it happens again, its behavior should be as same as its previous appearance. However, it could behave as same as or different from its previous appearance. For example, lightning is a realistic thing, but its material that is called electron is not real. Physic scientists try to study lightning and predict its hitting position, but they canít get it right. Lightning is made from electrons flow, and electronís behavior isnít determined completely. To understand lightning behavior, scientists have to fully understand electron behavior which is difficult to observe. Therefore, anti-realism events can be used to explain realism events more clearly.
Realism events are helpful to verify our thoughts; however, anti-realism events help us to have new thoughts to understand more about realism events. For example, if Newton believed the apply fell by itself, the world didnít have any airplane or spaceship now. To explain and predict future events, realism events use their past and relative events which can go to nowhere. That means if scientists get to a wall, they have to turn back and find any existed way to go through the wall rather than thinking a new way. I believe nothing is impossible if we think out of our boxes which are our knowledge, and it was lucky for us that Newton didnít think in his box.
Indeed, the world path is still far from the current human knowledge, and anti-realism events help us to get more clear views about it. Realism events can be a good tool to verify anti-realism events and take us close to the world path. If one of them isnít used, it will be human extinction.