How will the sample size be determined?
The sample size will be determined by the frequency of customers. The randomization of customers that frequent Circle K through our research the better our sample size will be. With randomly selecting customers to take the surveys our results will vary. Determining which stores to target also will affect the survey data. Circle K also has to evaluate the population of each area of Tucson to get the appropriate Z score. Determining which confidence level is very important
Which qualitative methods will be used and why?
The qualitative research method that is being deployed into gathering and examining the information is direct observation. While the customers are within our selected stores, they can be monitored during their visits and Circle K can evaluate their experience. Circle K will be focusing mainly on the customer experience and the results. Using this method Circle will have to leave its bias out of the research and don not obstruct the customers during the process. Allowing the customers to use their own feelings to come to results in figuring out how to improve Circle Ks customer service will be useful while using this qualitative method.
Which statistical tests will be used and why?
With the results, Circle K will use the tests of differences. The results from the surveys of the customers and the employees will be compared together so that a mean can be determined. The comparison will be particularly paramount in determining the disconnect between the customers and the employees. The customers see the store in a different way than the employees, and will have different views on what is wrong with the customer service experience. Using that information and comparing it to the employees outlook on their interaction with the customers will give Circle K and idea of where to start improving.

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