How to Make a Friend

Some tips for making and keeping a good friend include making a good first impression, keeping in touch with being pushy, and making constant face-to-face contact to keep the relationship going. Friends are one of the most important thing that we need in our lives to be happy. Making a new true friend is a real effort. We need friends because, they\'re supportive, loving, accepting, and caring. Making a new friend is awesome but it can be very tricky
First off, when meeting someone new, find a way to approach them, try not to come off as a creep. You\'re not sure if this person will have the same interests as you or if they would like your appearance or how you approach them. Here are some tips on how to approach someone: Make a good impression, comment on how you like their outfit or their hair. Tell them your name and offer to shake hands, start a small conversation, talk about each other\'s interests, and just get to know each other.
Secondly, now that you have made an acquaintance, you probably would want to keep in touch with this person, see if they would like to hang out and get something to eat or drink. If they say yes, ask for their number to keep in contact. You shouldn\'t be too pushy if they don\'t want to give you their number, they might feel uncomfortable at first. So, instead of getting their number, ask them if they would like to meet up at a certain place and time to get to know each other better and hopefully become friends.
Last but not least, meeting face-to-face is a cornerstone to improving your relationship with your new friend into a "real" friend. Be sure to keep in touch, try not to be to clingy, be interested in what they say and be there for them when they need you and they\'ll do the same for you. Also, inviting them to fun outings like to an amusement park or to a local event that is happening could also improve your friendship.
Always remember that it\'s not easy to make a new friend, it\'s a real effort to find the perfect friend who can become your best friend.