How Good Are Your Communication Skills

Complete \'How Good Are Your Communication Skills?\' assessment available on the Mindtools website.
Write a 200- to 350-word summary of your communication quiz score, describing your strengths and weaknesses and how you plan to develop your communication skill set. Additionally, what aspects of communication that were not covered by the quiz do you think are important in professional life?
My final score from this assessment was a 57. This number means my communication skills are on target. I am cautious of how people perceive my messages, but also pay attention to the clues they are giving me. I scored an 8/10 in the planning of my messages. When I begin a message to someone I like to know what I plan to say before I say it. Often times I will have notes to reference. I only scored a 15/25 in the encoding process. I spend a lot of time being sure my message contains information and I think I may over analyze what I need to say. The best option for me is to make clear and concise points and not be too detailed. I think I try to describe things too much and may come off as chatty. I was able to score a 14/15 for my choice of what channel to use when communicating. This to me is one of the most important aspects of communication. If you donít choose the right method to communicate, points may be lost, misconstrued, or missed. Writing an email, talking on the phone, and talking in person all have separate advatages and disadvantages. Each type of communication has a time and place. Next I scored a 17/20 in receiving messages. I like to think of myself as a fairly active listener. A big pet peeve of mine is one others donít look at me when I am speaking. So for me this is important to do for others as well. I want to know the people I am speaking to are listening and respecting what I am saying, so therefore they deserve the same courtesy. Finnaly I scored an 8/10 on feedback. Feedback is a vital part of communication. You want to be sure the people you are talking to understand what you have said and where to go next. You also want to be able to provide feedback. I feel feedback is an area of great strength for me. I am not afraid to ask questions if I donít understand, and I enjoy knowing if others understood me. If they did not understand I can correct it and also make corrections for the next time.
The other most important aspect of communication, for me, is body language. In a professional setting it is easy to get settled in if you are around the same people all the time. This is also a problem. If you get too comfortable talking to your co-workers you may quit paying attention to the way in which you communicate with them. If you are not aware of the messages your body is sending you can cause a lot of unneccesary confusion or hurt. Lets say for instance you roll your eyes at a comment made by someone and they notice. This person may not wish to speak to you further or share their ideas anymore. You need to be courteous and conscious of what your body is saying as well as your actual words.

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