Chinara Ume
Intro to African American Studies
2nd Framing Question
Dr. Carr
February 18, 2016
How did Africans preserve and affirm their way of life and use their identities as a means to resist enslavement?
At the time of the eighteenth and ninth century, most Africans were learning how to resist slavery and how to form in unity in their actions and thoughts. Africans back then were forced, as soon as they came to America, to lose their traditions and adopt the “American” way. However, they eventually learned the techniques of resistance from white people in the United States and Western Hemisphere. And the techniques they learned they used against the white people who enslaved them. Although when they tried to resist, there were serious against repercussions Africans, sometimes resulting in death.
Critical Review of Scholarship:
In the novel, The Eloquence of the Scribes, Ayi Kwei Armah explains the importance of knowing your African history. He also talks about how, in terms of literacy, of passing knowledge down to younger generations. Armah said, “Textual references to this aspect of mass identity are therefore scare, but that is not to say they are absent” (Armah). He used to use literature as a way of better understanding where he cam from and his culture. His discussions points made it clearer to me to realize where I came from. In order to know where I came from, I have to make use of the resources that are given to me. If I do not use what is around me, I will not know where I came from.
In order to answer the framing question, I begin to address some of the topics presented by Dr. Carr in his lecture. He makes it a point to discuss what it means being African. Usually, when thinking of being African not many things come to mind; however, Dr. Carr stressed the importance of being African. When the majority people think of Africans, they think of slaves, but that is certainly not the only thing that Africans are. There are many advantages of being African. Africans are very intelligent, intelligent enough as they can seriously contribute to global advancement.
During the enslavement period, Africans affirmed their way of living in different ways. Firstly, Africans never gave up their names and never succumbed to the white names their masters tried to give them. This helped them to sometimes keep their culture, however, it also resulted in punishment because it was a form of rebellion. They also tried to keep their traditions to preserve their culture. They passed down stories and the stories described a sense of confidence of Africans and reminded them that they were always great.
Further Questions:
1. Where do African names stem from?
2. Is it possible to find what part of Africa you are from through DNA testing?