How American Works

ENG 101 ONL 2
Sept 22, 2013

How American Works

Parts of How We Work talks about American getting laid off from work and why itís so hard for people to find jobs in this bad economy. Louis Uchitelle article tells how losing your job can effect people emotions, self-esteem and becoming depressed. He interviews a married couple and how it effects their marriage. Their financial status and having a second child on the way caused the wife distress to be unrestrained. Dr. Kim Cameron helps ways for corporate managers to carry out layoff nicely and help soften the blow to morale among the survivors. This is a serious situation because people are affected emotionally, financial and self-confidence.

Stacy Brown who is married to Erin Brown lost his self-esteem when he was laid off. It was hard for him to overcome and to get back in the working world. His wife was thinking of a way to try to build his self-confidence by opening up an opportunity to flip houses for profit. He
didnít like the idea of flipping homes, but she went forward with it anyway. Hoping it would give him the sense of accomplishment and purpose and financial reward. Luckily Stacy was a lawyer and she was able to carry her family finically. Other families may not have this advantage but this could lead to suicide, homeless, bad health and crimes.

ďOne study, found that for every percentage point change in the unemployment rate up or down, the national suicide rate rose or fell in tandemĒ. Dr. Kim Cameron focus on his work developing ways for corporate managers to carry out layoffs nicely and assist of those left behind. For the people that lost their jobs they are afraid of being laid off again and losing hope for future jobs. After reading Dr. Kim research shows that people that are lay off, however, is seldom singled out as damaging in itself quite apart from unemployment that follows.

After reading the information. I see a lot of people that go through changes in their life that leads to illness and lack of self-confidence as I experience when my mom got laid off from her job after 10 years of work. I saw a lot of attitude and frustration when it came to picking me up from school, getting help with my school work, and taking me to basketball practice. It was so hard watching my mom struggle when it came to paying bills and car payment without a job. She was a single mother raising one child. She sends out 30 resume and only had 4 interviews and didnít get the job. When she came home from the interview and I ask her if she got the job and she said no. She was very upset when they did not offer her the job. I tried playing board games and even put on movie so she wouldnít think about the job interview. But in her eyes, she was still upset. The last job she got interview called her and offer her the job. She came out her room so happy that she treated me the Chuck E Cheese. I noticed that not having a job can change a personís confidence and not having hope for themselves like Erin Brown.