House of Hades
Type of book: Fantasy, Greek mythology and Adventure
Pages: 597
Author: Rick Riordan
Main Characters:
Annabeth: Annabeth has curly golden blonde hair and is "like a princess," as Percy describes it. She is tall, fit, and athletic. Her eyes have been described as an intense shade of gray and always have a distracted look as if she were thinking of a million things at once. Mainly because, she's the daughter of Athena. Annabeth looks like a typical California girl. She loves architecture, and spends her free time designing new buildings and visiting national monuments. Her fatal flaw is pride. She thinks she can do anything and does it well. Annabeth can be very caring but possessive of the people she loves. For example, she is very anxious of losing Percy to another girl like Rachel or Calypso.
Percy Jackson: Percy is described with jet black hair and bright sea green eyes inherited to him from Posidon his father. Percy is a brave, spirited natural leader, and is willing to risk his life to save friends, family, strangers, and sometimes even enemies. He has a sarcastic and smart sense of humor. He has earned the respect of all the Olympians. Percy is somewhat short-tempered, and thus has trouble controlling his anger and will do anything to save his friends even risk his own life. This is showed when he tries to save Annabeth from Tarturas but falls in with her (Pg 3).
Jason Grace: Jason Grace is described as having the features of a Roman statue, with blue eyes, blond hair and a small scar on the corner of his lip. Son of Jupiter Jason is a very serious with a moderate sense of humor. He also has a strong sense of honor and justice as shown by his great compassion. He greatly cares for his friends and family willing to risk his life to protect or help them. Jason goes to such great extents that he almost gets himself killed to save his friends.

Leo Valdez: Leo is described by Jason to look like a " Latino Santa's elf," with curly black hair, dark brown eyes, pointy ears and being of normal height with a slim build. Son of Hephaestus he is good-natured, easygoing, upbeat, energetic, funny, and loves to tell jokes. Leo is intelligent and honest, and cares about his friends and family. He sometimes doesn't think before reacting and he enjoys pulling pranks on people. He frequently falls in love with any girl such as the goddess Khione and Jason sisters Thalia. For example when Thalia, Jason and Leo were in the cave alone, Leo asked Thalia if her no-dating policy was seasonal, but she ignored him. Khione herself being a snow goddess hates Leo as she can sense the fire within him and takes his compliments as insults.
Piper MacLean: Piper is portrayed to be a very beautiful girl of Cherokee descent mainly because she’s the daughter of Aphrodite. She is described to have dark tanned skin, chocolate brown and eyes that change color like a kaleidoscope. Piper is very convincing and has a good sense of what's right helping others who need it. There have many times where she could have betrayed her friends but never did even when her dad was on the line because she believed they would win for the good of everyone.
Hazel Levesque: Hazel is African American with shoulder-length curly cinnamon brown hair and gold eyes. Hazel is outgoing with a love for creativity and horseback riding, but has dislike for boating and curses. She feels a massive amount of guilt over releasing the giant of giants. After her father Hades gave her the gift to summon minerals, she thinks it's her responsibility to bring him down. Hazel is extremely loyal to her friends and treats them as family, as shown through her friendship with Frank and Percy. Even when she gave up Elysium to go to the Fields of Asphodel so that her mother wouldn't go to the Fields of Punishment.
Frank Zhang: Frank has a large and stocky frame. He is Asian-Canadian and has a babyish face with brown eyes and black short hair which, Percy states, seems out of place with his stout body and military haircut. Frank is somewhat shy, cynical, and fell