History: Google Vs Yahoo

History: Google Vs Yahoo

Google company was founded in 1998 by two founders, Larry Page and Sergrey Brin. They

both met at Stanford University. There are millions of people that are google users. In 1996, they built a

search engine called BackRub that used link to determine the importance of individual web pages. In

April, 1998, Larry launches a monthly “Google Friends Newsletter” to inform everyone about the

company. After, they named it “Google”. Google files for incorporation in California. Larry and

Sergrey opened a bank account in the newly­established company’s name and deposit Andy

Bechtolsheim’s check. Its headquarter is located in Mountain View, California. Moreover, In 2000’s,

Google search engine attracted many internet users who liked the simple designs. Google has began

selling advertisements associated with the search keywords in 2000. The company was also listed on

the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol “GOOG”. In the early 2004, handled upwards

of 84.7% of all search requests on the world wide web through the website and partnership with other

internet search engines. Such as, Yahoo, AOL and CNN. But at the same year, Google’s competitor,

Yahoo drop its partnership with Google and wanted to be independent company. This costs Google

some market share. In 2006, While Google’s primary market is the web content arena, the company

had also experience with other markets, such as radio and Public Publications. The company also began

experiment in selling advertisements from advertisers in offline Magazines and Newspapers. Google

CEO stated that “We look at markets as they exist and we assume they are pretty well served by their

existing players, we try to see new problems and new markets using the technology that others use and

we build” (nd. Google). As of November 2014, the “GOOG” stock is worth up to $537 and is still

increasing. Google operates over 70 offices in more than 400 countries. Throughout the years, Google,

had developed over the past years and still to the present days.

"Yahoo!" all started at Stanford University in 1995, founded by Jerry Yang and David

Filo. They were two electrical engineering graduate students just trying to give the world a

simpler way to live. They originally named their website, "Jerry and David's Guide to the World

Wide Web." They wanted to make their website an easy and organized way to navigate the Web.

On April 12th, 1996 "Yahoo!" officially went public, raising $33.8 million by selling 2.6 million

shares at the opening bid of $13 dollars each. With the money they earned they began expanding

their company by buying "Rocketmail", which later became "Yahoo! Mail." In addition, they

also bought "ClassicGames.com" which later became "Yahoo! Games" and they bought several

more companies to improve their website. In 1999, Yahoo! stock doubled from the previous

month due to the dot­com boom, which made each share of Yahoo! go for $118.75. On June 26,

2000, Yahoo! and Google signed an agreement that would tap the goggle engine the power

searches made on yahoo.com. On September 26, 2001 after the dot­com bubble burst, Yahoo!

stock closed at an all­time low of $8.11. With the company not doing so well, the creators bought

more telecommunication and internet providers to create content­rich broadband services to

compete with AOL. In 2009, Microsoft and Yahoo! created a strategic alliance in which

Microsoft would take care of the algorithmic search engine, while Yahoo! focused on sales and

the design or the website. With many changes in CEO, lawsuits, and many other complications

Yahoo! did not know what path to take their company in. Finally, with their new CEO, Scott

Thompson re­iterated his view that customer should come first at Yahoo! In the coming years

starting in 2012 to the present, Yahoo! Invested and bought many companies such as Tumblr,

Flickr, Rockmelt, Wander, and Distill. With Yahoo! And its history of success and failures, they

went through many changes in CEO and are finally realizing their purpose, which is to make

their website the main domain of all people of the world.

1. The following are Google and Yahoo’s Form 10­K

Google: https://investor.google.com/pdf/20131231_google_10K.pdf


2. Summary information about our company and its competitors as follows (all numbers in















Past 5





Next 5


$12,049 $12,920 $0.2160 $87,309 $16.25 $36,375 $28.3 $111.25 $127.94

$1,700 $1,366 $0.2919 $ 13,074 $ 9.89 $ 4,766 $6.7 $75.66 $80.32

$1,778 $1,500 $0.1905 $17,895 $10.95 $20,976 $70.9 $80.90 $110.32

3. We choose Google as our main company and Yahoo as the major competitor company. From

the results in the analysis above we can see the they have big difference on their company