The Poetics of Popular Music
October 28, 2014
High Fidelity: Movie Critique
1. ďItís not what youíre like but what you like that mattersĒ. Discuss this lineís relevance to the movie.
If thereís one thing I really close onto in my actual relationships itís the idea it doesnít matter what you are like but you like when finding a partner in life. As for that, Rob lives with the same life motto that he admires his partner likes, such as the kind of books she reads, the records she owns and the films she watches, are the only things that heís looking forward from a girl. Rob life revolves mostly around his record than his relationship, thatís why he cares about the kind of record owned by womenís. He reorganizes his collection at times of emotional stress and produces compilation tapes for those he really likes, as you see music as a big impact on life. He even left his first career choice of DJ to pursue both a safe job and his current girlfriend, Laura. He loved doing the job of DJ, but he left it for the sake of Laura who didnít want him to continue in that field. Toward the end of the movie, Robís character changes by having his first real love, a love he abandoned because of his fear of commitment. At the end, Rob is back with Laura for the reason of how she changed him by giving him a new look and most importantly commit to Laura not as a missing piece of himself or a trophy, but as a whole person with desires and feelings, one who needs his emotional support more than anything else.
Word count: 252 words