After looking over Carbone and Leland?s websites, I think both sites offered good advice for students regarding plagiarism and cheating. Each website provides the reader with informative information on ways to prevent plagiarism and steps on how to avoid cheating. Carbone?s website is especially educational, as he describes the ?Do?s and Don?ts? about plagiarism and cheating. After reading that section of his website I learned many different ways students cheat when writing college papers, but I also learned that sharing ideas with others is very beneficial to the writing process. Leland?s approach was slightly different as he focused more towards the teacher?s perspective on educating their student?s regarding plagiarism/cheating. His website provides an extensive list of resources for instructors to use when dealing with plagiarism which is very helpful to both the students and professors. Both Carbone and Leland?s approach on plagiarism were very educational and both websites will be great resources to use throughout this semester.