Henard, Learning Activity 5

Montessori Program
The Environment
It is an open concept area that is warm and inviting to children. All of the centers are age appropriate and child size and in order according to area of the center, and that the children do not feel over-whelmed. Each area is structure to engage the child to master certain skills, while enjoying a bright happy place to play. (Intro to Early Childhood Education, 7e. pg.122).
The Children
Children range in different ages. They Montessori Programs encourage individual activities (p. 123) in which encourages self-motivation and independence in each child. Montessori Programs gear towards children ages 3-6 years of age.
The Teachers
The teachers more or less observe children as they go about different activities at the center. They never praise the children as the activities are geared to self-rewarding (pg. 123). The teachers also learn the curriculum and the methods of the program through a very intensive course study on the graduate level (pg. 123).
The Materials
The Montessori Program offers different didactics to challenge the children to problem solve and receive the immediate feedback on how it works and satisfaction on a job well done when the job is complete (pg. 123).
The Curriculum
It helps the children to refine their fine motor skills, self-help and learning, while playing, the everyday activities they see or do at home. While they are doing all of this, the sensory part comes into play. The children will use their five senses to do the activities at hand and include the gross motor skills (pg.123). Maria Montessoriís plan was to incorporate learning skills in order to help the children to build self confidence in their self-esteem.
The reason why I choose the Montessori Program is that the centers are open, warm and friendly to all who enter. It encourages children to explore and learn on their own with self-rewarding satisfaction, of knowing that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to. But, I also think that teacher involvement and creativity should be included in this, along with, language comprehension, reading, play acting, and encouraging the imagination.

Resources: Intro to Early Childhood Education, WSCC ECED 1010, 7e. Essa. Pages 122-124.