Robert Wertz
1 May 2013
Period 1

As the rooster sounded its call, Marco began to start off his day like every other day. He woke up, took at bath in the family tub, got dressed, and started making breakfast for the family like he would on any typical day of the week. Marco, being the first child out of four, had the responsibility in the house of preparing all of the meals. Every morning he would wake up and go to the community chicken house to grab his families daily batch of eggs and the go home and cook them for his family. After serving his family their meal, he would go to school. School in this community was a short 4 hours so they could make it home in time for lunch. For lunch and dinner, he would set out to the river at the far wall of the castle too see what fish he could gather to prepare for the meals that day. Knowing that the leaders of the community were always watching, he would try to keep as close to his every day schedule as he possibly could, for if the leaders would catch anything out of line, there were to be severe consequences. After Marco caught his daily quota of fish, he headed back to his house. His house was just like every other house in the community. It was a hut consisting of a wooden frame and a straw roof. Around the community was a giant stone wall that held everything in, as well as keeping everything out. Nobody within the community had ever seen anything of the outside world, but didn?t think anything of it as they had all grown accustomed to their every day lifestyles. However, Marco was different. He had always been the odd one out in all of his classes. He was a very curious boy and always wanted to know how stuff worked and where everything comes from. If there was ever something that people wanted to know about, Marco would always be the one to ask, even though some of the questions that he would ask were really not supposed to be asked. Him being the curious person that he is, he didn?t care if he got in trouble for asking such questions. Because of this, the leaders always kept a close eye on him. The leaders saw Marco?s curiosity as a threat to their community. They were always scared of him finding things out that they were trying to keep the community from knowing.