Have we become too dependent amongst cell phones?

March 24, 2013

ILR 260: Information Literacy

Professor Michelle Dalrymple

Cell phones have come along way from radio devices to mobile phones. As

the years pass technology advances and companies keep up with the changes. Before cell

phones even came about, individuals, relied on home phones to communicate, which

allowed people to feel as though, they were right next to each other having a

conversation. As the technology of communication changes, so do individuals.

Conversations have become more hi tech, individuals no longer talk on the phone. They

now communicate through email or text. It seems as though many answer their phone

only to find it a bill collector or companies verifying information. Why have individuals

become dependent on cell phones and how cell phones affect their lives. Individuals

have become dependent on cells phones because they have made it a necessity of life.

Cell phones have always been a device that we can rely on no matter what

situation, but over the past decades and years, it has evolved and has became more

advanced than ever before. Since cellphones came about, they have been given the ability

to navigate, use the internet, make phone calls, webcam, text, play games, and even listen

to music. Its advancement has many other features as well, and will continue to amaze us

as the years pass by. But having these devices can be a positive outlook, as well being a

negative one too.

There are many ways and reasons why we all can be dependent among cellular

devices. A reason for cell phones being useful is because it can always be in an

indivuiduals presence whenever you need to communicate with others, therefore it is

convenient on the go. The benefits of cell phones can be of a wide range, but mostly

because it allows individuals to contact one another at all times. Also when some people

are too busy at the moment, they can allow others to text. It lets people be more portable

without having the need to go home to contact an individual. One other way, it can

benefit and affect a person’s life is allowing the use of making an emergency call when

needed, even if they are far out of an area without a landline, they are right there to make

a call. This can always be an important factor when it comes to saving an individual’s

life, because it helps to get to a scene quicker and it can be taken care of sooner without


The use of cellular devices have many positive benefits, but a negative one would

be the dangerous effects of it as well. Using a cell phone while driving can cause many

different outcomes. For example, fatalities and accidents are the effects of driving while

the use of a cellphone, whether it’s either texting or calling. In a study it says that “about

6,000 deaths and a half a million injuries are caused by distracted drivers every year.”

(Snyder 2013) This shows that being distracted while driving is a dangerous issue.

Another statistic shows that “In 2009, 5,474 were killed in the U.S.

because of accidents that involved distracted driving. Another 448,000 were injured”

(Snyder 2013) Consequently, this will continue to happen because people are careless

when driving and think they can multi-task, without even thinking of the consequences

that might happen. 9 States across the United States address a law that say it is illegal to

talk on the phone while operating a moving vehicle. Some states are even banning the use

of Bluetooth devices and hands free devices in vehicles. The reason being is for the safety

of drivers. Without the law being assessed, it will most likely cause the accident rate to

rise, as well as the death rate for car accidents.

Figure 1: Cell phones and the hazards of driving while chatting, July 30, 2009

All in all, having cellular devices can always be a great necessity. Being able to

communicate with one another wirelessly and on the go can be very convenient as well,

but being dependent among them are what we today as a society, are experiencing. There

are many effects to cellular device usage also. It causes radiation, accidents, affects

relationships and so on. There are so