Haleigh Harrington

Haleigh Harrington is a lot less uptight

and prissy then she seemed last year in

the sixth grade. She seemed extremely

bad-tempered, miserable, and hating

towards everyone. However, this is not

true. My impressions were extremely

wrong as I came to know this year, in the

seventh grade. Occasionally I am sent to

the Extended Day Program. It was here

that I saw my mistaken views of Haleigh.

I got to know her a lot better each time I

went to the Extended Day Program. She,

like Monique, enjoys my jokes. However,

she can be quite vengeful to those who

oppose her. She trusts me and I trust her.

Haleigh, in truth, is a great person. I am

so glad I had the privilege of meeting her

and knowing her. I am proud to call her

my friend.