Grown ups

Grown Ups
When maturity is suspended
Five former schoolmates gather many years later to discover that some really have not matured and still behave like children. Starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schneider and Salma Hayek. Full of very funny scenes, Grown Ups premieres June 25.

A handful of big kids

Prelude: five little friends play basketball and their rivals ... perhaps unintentionally cheating. Coach's harangue, the celebrated and gives them advice when they grow up. Thirty years later, the coach's death brings them together, but not all seem to have matured. The characteristics of each, defined as children, are now displayed clearly defined.

Lenny Feder (Adam Sandler, always badly dressed or lanky) has two kids addicted to video games and desperately trying in vain to make his image and likeness. It also recalls that the nurse study. What saves his wife, Roxanne Chase-Feder (presented as Pinault Salma Hayek), a fashion designer who must leave for Milan when they have to go to the funeral.

Chris Rock is Kurt McKenzie, master of the house learning to cook, married to the worker Deanne (Maya Rudolph), with two children and a mother screaming and flatulent. Eric Lamonsoff Kevin James is, of course successful entrepreneur, married to Sally (Maria Bello), who is still nursing her son four years. Marcus Higgins David Spade is the most immature of the group, still drunk and out with girls much younger than he.

The last to arrive at the funeral is Rob Hilliard (Rob Schneider). From childhood he liked older women and is now married with one that could be his mother, Gloria (Joyce Van Patten) and has three grown daughters, two of them attractive enough for Marcus. To top it off, Rob is half hippie and has a ridiculous toupee. It is certainly the most original of the five. We were fortunate to interview at

"They're friends who reunite 25 years later with the same problems," Rob describes the argument. "But now they have families and are dealing with things. Some are successful, others less so, but they are united. It's interesting because sometimes people do not really change. I like that idea. For Adam Sandler and I is a more mature film . I think it's sweet, and Salma Hayek is fine. It is very good comedian, he had never seen a funny movie. It is very good and enjoyed it, liked the challenge. I think I was a little unsure, but he had our trust . A beautiful woman, we saw every morning and it was incredible. "

Five great comedians share a role in this film. Was there a clash of egos?
Rob: I do not think we had too much conflict, but with five guys trying to be funny at the same time, sometimes I think it was more calm aggression. Because one expects all jump, but all fell back to see what happened. David Spade was the one who got all of us feel comfortable and laugh. Adam had the pressure to ensure that the film work, but David was relaxed and he's probably more fun. His character is the lighter, a guy who at 40 still goes out with girls, 19. In the movie wants to date my daughter, which bothers me a lot. I think it's a very special film. It's weird because we're friends and friends. I was not sure if it would work, but people who saw the movie enjoyed it a lot.

I think that works. It made me laugh and that's it, no matter how ridiculous they can be situations. If a comedy makes you laugh, has served its purpose. Written by Adam Sandler and Fred Wolf and directed by Dennis Dugan, is rated PG-13.