Group 1
Professor Huang
October 24, 2013
Mountain Dew Case Analysis

After carefully analyzing the five potential creative spots and storyboards presented to the PepsiCo managers by Bruce and Cassar, we felt " Cheetah, " " Showstopper, " and " Dew or Die " should be developed for best embodying the company's brand attitude. We reached our decision by considering Mountain Dew's previous ad campaign successes, which capitalized on popular trends amongst teens and young adults, such as extreme sports and memorable music. We realize the importance of staying ten steps ahead of the game to create something that will rejuvenate the brand, since it is a common occurrence that a campaign can lose traction in the marketplace by becoming overly exposed and tiresome to the consumers.  The following paper details our analyses of Cheetah, Showstopper, and Dew or Die and why we believe these are the top three creative spots that should be developed and aired throughout 2000.
As the market research explains, Mountain Dew's target market is predominantly male teens, and already established consumers consisting of males between the ages of 20-39 years old already brand loyal to Mountain Dew.  However, PepsiCo managers are especially interested in the teen segment as it is during these years that consumers make the transition from experimenting with a variety of soft drinks to establishing brand loyalty with a single soft drink.  One of the biggest goals for the PepsiCo managers is that their ad will resonate with their target audience and, in turn increase their consumer base.  It is important that the message the marketer is trying to sell to the consumer be received in the intended manner.  Therefore, by satisfying their target audience's wants and needs, the "Cheetah" ad will adhere to the brand managers ' desired impact.
In the "Cheetah" ad, you see a young 20-something year old chasing down a cheetah on a bicycle to retrieve his Mountain Dew from the cheetah. Next, the 20-something year old reaches in the cheetah's mouth, down to his stomach and pulls out the can of Mountain Dew. This spot will appeal to a younger audience due to the age of the actors and the extreme sports taking place during its entirety. The ad expresses the thought that consumers would be willing to travel great distances and brave extraordinary measures in order to be able to get their hands on a Mountain Dew. This is shown through the location of the commercial, the African plains, and by chasing the fastest feline in the world to get back the stolen can of soda.
Teens want excitement, thrills, adventure, and they like the risk of danger.  The appeal of ‘Thanatos' (the death wish) is extremely effective in marketing to teens because it incorporates all of these things that teens want.  This appeal is also very apparent in the "Cheetah" ad as chasing down a cheetah, tackling it, and reaching into its mouth is an extremely dangerous thing to do.  In addition to this appeal, the inclusion of the "Dew Dude" chasing the cheetah on his bike and his friends watching nearby on their bikes incorporates the coolness of extreme sports and the thrill of adventure.  It also incorporates humor, which resonates with teens well, with the lines "bad, cheetah, bad!" and "see, this is why I'm not a cat person."
With the use of Thanatos, extreme sports, and humor, this ad is a great expression of drinking Mountain Dew becoming that exhilarating experience for the consumer.  "Cheetah" demonstrates that Mountain Dew not only can motivate you to accomplish the impossible and that you are cool while doing it.  This ad is also expresses that the taste of Mountain Dew is worth extreme risk and danger; you would chase down a cheetah to get some delicious Mountain Dew, and that would not be the case but for brands like Sprite or Coke.  In addition to clearly marketing these messages, the ad also markets the product well.  The can of Mountain Dew is featured in multiple instances with vibrant close-ups.  Ending the ad with the slogan "Do the Dew" is another great integration of the product as well as a reminder to the audience.
Mountain Dew