Griffith Report
During my visit to the Griffith Observatory I had a great experience there.
In the front
lawn there was statues of famous scientists such as Galileo, Copernicus,
Isaac Newton, and
others. When I arrived at the museum, I noticed many appealing things
immediately. I became
aware that visitors can actually become observers from outside of the
building. For example the
museum offered telescopes for me to use to look into the sky. When I walked
further along the
site I notice a Solar System Lawn Model. Engraved in the ground was the
Milky Way (our solar
system), and a Sunset and Moonset Radial observer. Since the observatory
was in so many
movies, including: Yes man, Funny People, and the Terminator. To me it
looked like a mansion.
It had a large field of grass that on looked the Los Angeles Horizon. It
had a patio where visitors
can watch the sunset and sunrise. It also had a section to take pictures in
front of the Hollywood sign.
As I entered the observatory I knew I would come home with information I
had never knew about. There where so many things to touch and look at. I
wanted to spend every minute observing the displays. The walls and the
ceilings have large beautiful murals painted all along
the ceiling, like something from a cathedral in Rome. I was told, they were
created to show the
connection between science and mythology, as well as the connection between
the earth and the sky. There were even murals of all the Astronomers who
helped develop Griffith's idea. The
center of the building included a large Pendulum, which was a device used
to measure the earth's rotation. It was the observatories main attraction
and had required perfect creation in order for it to be exact. As everyone
was gathered around this object, we wondered how it worked. At the bottom
of the floor was a measuring device with domino like blocks rotating around
it. It worked in the strangest way I can imagine, as the ball moved back
and forth it would knock down the blocks according to the earth's rotation.
There were many sections at the Griffiths Observatory that had hands-on
activities for me to understand. One for example was a machine that
determined the temperature of my body,called a UAV Ray generator. I moved
aimlessly around the machine to see how hot or cold I was.
As it turns out, my ears are actually colder than any other part on my
body. To me it seemed like
it was looking through heat vision goggles. As if I was looking for someone
through a scope,
dead at night. I then knowingly, started grabbing random objects to find
out the temperature. It
was amusing at first but I later got into trouble. Checking out this
demonstration is something I
would recommend for new visitors.
Throughout the time I spent at the Griffith's Observatory, I learned a lot
about our galaxy.
It had many additional facts about our solar system, as well as our planet.
In addition, it was very neat to see the Los Angeles basin with its city
lights and fast paced atmosphere. I would
recommend going to this museum for a family trip or school event. I learned
a lot about the
different types of moons, stars and the elements of the periodic table. It
was also fascinating to
learn about the pendulum in order to figure out the earth's time and
rotation. I learned a lot about astronomy that day. Overall my visit to the
observatory was a great experience for me to take upon and will most likely
be going again.