Given below are six key terms from the text followed by six sentences, each missing a word or a phrase. Fill in the blank by dragging the key term that best completes the sentence.
Victor, a manager of a team of software engineers, works out targets and the ways to achieve them for each member of the team that result in personal benefits for the team members. The given example illustrates the  path-goal theory of leadership effectiveness.
Albert, a senior manager, varies his management style depending on the situation in his company. Therefore, Albert is exhibiting a( n)  contingency approach to leadership
Keith, a team leader, examines certain factors in a situation before selecting an appropriate decision making style. The given example shows the  normative decision model
DuringBased on the skills and capabilities of her team, Irene decides on the amount of supervision or guidance each team member requires. The approach followed by Irene is known as  Situational Leadership II (SLII)
Matthew, the managing director of a food processing company, displayed tremendous courage and steered the company out of trouble when the company suffered huge losses. This is an example of  crisis leadership
Employee empowerment has shown positive results for Aries Inc. All team leaders and senior managers ensure that employees are given independence to take decisions. This scenario is an example of  evidence-based leadership or management

Which of the following is an example of contingency leadership?
Wendell assigns work hours to employees who are less competent, while allowing his motivated team members to choose their own timings.

Using the path-goal theory, match the most appropriate leadership styles on the left to the contingency factors provided on the right.

Participative style

When the morale of employees performing nonrepetitive tasks needs to be improved

Achievement-oriented style

When high expectations need to be set for team members performing ambiguous and nonrepetitive tasks

Directive style

When a task is unclear and team morale needs to be improved

Supportive style

When a task is dissatisfying, frustrating, or stressful

According to the path-goal theory, which of the following is an example of a participative style of leadership?
Dylan often consults with his subordinates for their inputs before making decisions on task allotment.

Scott, an architect, has been assigned the task of redesigning the layout of a building his team is working on. Scott has recently received criticism about his work and feels disappointed. He possesses some of the skills needed to accomplish this task, but he lacks the motivation to seek help or to complete it. According to the Situational Leadership II model, Scott is most likely a( n) _____.
Disillusioned learner

Maxwell, a project manager, asks his team to decide which enterprise software package to purchase. He provides them with information on the requirements and the budget, but he does not influence their decision as he trusts his team to make the right choice. According to the normative decision model, the decision-making style used by Maxwell in this scenario is known as _____.

Rostov, the owner of a coffee shop, reopens his store for business after a recent burglary. Many of Rostov\'s staff are still shaken by the burglary, but Rostov gives them a pep talk and plans to invest in a better security system for the shop. This gives Rostov\'s employees hope and energizes them. In this scenario, Rostov is leading during a crisis by _____.
Displaying optimism

Sheryl knows that showing appreciation is an effective way to boost employee morale. When a usually silent team member, Yves, comes up with great ideas at a meeting, she sends an email to Yves thanking him for his valuable inputs. Since this incident, Yves regularly offers valuable inputs and feedback to Sheryl and other team members. In this scenario, Sheryl is practicing _____ leadership.

When Jessica appreciates Kurt\'s shined shoes and wrinkle-free shirt, Kurt feels like he is being treated like a child. Though Jessica was instructed by upper management to provide positive feedback and encouragement to workers, it backfired with Kurt. What supervisory style should Jessica adopt with Kurt? Check all that apply.
Jessica should listen to Kurt\'s inputs when he provides them, but generally adopt a supervisory style that is low on supporting behaviors.
Jessica should provide Kurt with task-related