In the twenty first century, communication is the essential aspect of a person .The

most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't being said.There are several

arguments between male and female communication styles.Firstly, communication is

dependent on type of human brain and secondly, the gender is determination on the style

of communication.Plus, the environment influences to develop communication with

other people.However, Samuel Johnson said, ??Nature has given women so much power

that the law has very wisely given them little.

Before talking about gender differences in communication, I would like to express what

gender difference is.In geneceral, gender difference is a distinction of biological and/or

physiological characteristics typically associated with either males or females of a species

in general. In the study of humans, socio-political issues arise in classifying whether a sex

difference results from the biology of gender. The social ethic researchers argue that

gender does not influence development of the communication styles.The structure of the

brain determines the communication style. The brain is divided in two categories:

feminine and masculine brains.The hormones that are produced in the human cause the

division.People who have feminine brain are most likely to be successful as managers

because they have more power of listening.On contrary, masculine brain are suitable to

have jobs in physical and computer sciences, and mathematics.However, there are

females who, have masculine brain that work as constructors.

An experiment was conducted to evident the existence of feminine and masculine brain.

The researchers discovered that most of the men and women in male typical jobs, such as

carpentry, bricklaying, and taxi driving had a male organized brain.But men and

women in female-typical jobs such as nursing, tended to have a female organized brain.

These and several others tests have buttressed the theory that one?s choice of occupation

is often coordinated with the degree of feminine or masculine of one?s brain.

The gender plays an important role when we look at the communication in terms of

science.Science argues that male and female differ in inherited biological DNA.

Therefore, the difference in the DNA, they pose different characteristic traits.There are

various common characteristics found in females affection, team oriented, moderation,

tendency to become bogged in details, mutuality, right brain, and politeness.In contrast,

males pose different characteristics in the workplace than females.They are more

competitive, tight, think one way, not emotional.So, the different characteristics create

different managers.

Loden (1985) identified important managerial functions such as use of power,

managing work relationships, problem solving, conflict, management, motivation of

employees, goal-setting, decision-making and teamwork.She interviewed 200 women and

50 men in a wide variety of organizations and entrepreneurial businesses.The results

traced two different styles of leadership: masculine and feminine.Feminine leadership

was found to be involved with the emotional cues of human interaction, maintenance of

close personal relationships and collaboration.It is a style that is linked to gender

differences, early socialization and the unique set of life experiences of a woman.

Masculine leadership sees the need for tight control, aggressive behavior and the ability

to think with little emotional interaction.At the core of the difference are those women

respond to situations by thinking and feeling.It deviates from the traditional role where

the attainment of power is at the core.The participants agreed that both these styles can

complement each other but at the time historically, this was not supported in

organizations.There was corporate resistance to the feminine style.

The main aspect that makes female successful to communicate better is their history in

the past.The women hardships enable them to become compassionate toward people.

They shared information with people because women were separated in the past from the

outside environment.Their struggle in life made them to empower others.Women did

not have the rights to make careers until in the early 1900?s until they get the

opportunity to obtain education.Women studied went in depth to learn.Their experience

of managing their family was a big advantage to become good managers, especially

nourishing their children.Around 1980 the fields of communication was open to the

women.About 60% females entered in the field of communication.In contrary

about 40% males entered in this field.There were more and more female

teachers to teach this course so it assisted females to progress in this field easily.

The diverse population and the technology have assisted the women to change the

business world.Women tend to have a way with words: an ability to read