Food, College Style

Coming to this school, one of my biggest fears was what the food would be like. I knew there would be no
way I could last a whole year here if the food was terrible, and my budget didn't allow eating out very
often. At home when the high school cafeteria food was bad, I could always go home and get a good meal.
Here, however, I couldn't just go home if the food was bad. I would just have to choke it down or starve.
After I'd been here awhile, and had a couple of meals from Morrison's food service my fears were relaxed.
I realized that the food wasn't that bad, and that I'd be able to make it the year without starving to death.
My evaluation of Morrison's food service was based on many aspects of the whole dining experience.
My judgements were not made on just one meal, but are my overall opinion of the food service since I have
been here. The aspect I put the most emphasis on was the taste of the food. Without good taste in the food,
the whole dining experience is ruined. The next quality that I looked at was the appearance of the food.
The food should look appetizing. For example, the bread should not have any moldy spots on it, and the
salad should not look like it's been left out for three days where the lettuce is brown and rotten. If the food
doesn't look appetizing, this also reduces the pleasure in dining. The third aspect I judged the food service
on was selection, because no matter how good the food is, if you eat the same thing long enough, it gets
old. The final quality I used in judging Morrison's food service was the cleanliness of the dining area.
The food overall in the tower's cafeteria is pretty good, although some meals are definitely better than
others. Breakfast is probably the worst meal overall. There is very little selection of food and the food that
is there is not very good. Their biscuits and gravy are very dry, their scrambled eggs are usually runny, and
their hash browns taste like rubber. They usually have these three things every morning along with a few
other items. However, one good thing that I like about their breakfast is that they have a waffle maker,
many different types of cereal, and bagels laying out. All of these things I can fix on my own. When I do
eat breakfast there, I usually stick with one of these three things.
Lunch in the cafeteria is usually pretty good. The food service does a good job in giving a wide
selection of food to choose from. They have pizza, pasta, hamburgers, and lunch meat everyday. All of
these items are usually very good. Along with these items, they have two or three main entrees to choose
from. The main entrees usually lack in taste, but every once in a while they will have something good, like
pork chops and baked fish. One thing that I did notice about the food served at lunch is that it is sometimes
leftover from different meals that we had earlier that week. This really isn't that bad though, because it is
very hard to tell that it has been reheated. The appearance of the regular items is usually pretty good. The
hamburgers lack color, but they make up for this in taste. The appearance of the main entrees vary from
day to day. Sometimes they look very appetizing and other days they look as if they just mixed a whole
bunch of stuff together and!
put it out there.
Supper is the best meal of the day. Like lunch, they have a good selection with the usual pizza, pasta,
hamburgers, and lunch meat. They also have two or three main entrees, but these usually taste better than
those that they have for lunch. My favorite meals for supper are when they have premium night. For
premium night they serve items like steak, shrimp, ribs, and chicken fried steak. The appearance of the
food at supper is usually pretty good. However, one problem that I found is that the portions are too small.
For example, they only serve two chicken wings at a time when chicken wings are a main