Crystal Burgess
July 29, 2011
HRDV 5610

Describe the problem

I currently work for a child development center in Knoxville,
Tennessee. The center serves ages six weeks to five years. The center is a
three-star program (Star Quality) and licensed by the State of Tennessee.
The preschool follows the Creative Curriculum and also provides enrichment
classes such as music, dance and gymnastics. Star-Quality recognizes child
care providers who meet a higher standard of quality. Once qualified for
this program, a provider can receive one, two, or three stars to place on
its license and display in its center or home. Each star shows that the
provider meets increasingly higher standards. In other words, the more
stars a program has, the better the quality of care it offers to children.
One factor is the Program Assessment. Highly trained assessors go to
the child care facility and observe it. During the observation, one or more
Assessors will look at the centers indoor and outdoor spaces, activities,
materials and the interactions among children and between children and
adults. They will observe these things for each classroom being assessed.
Assessors will keep a low profile and try to remain unnoticeable while in
the classroom. They do this so the adults and children can interact
Before the Star evaluation, during, and awaiting the results can be
very stressful. Starting the job, you are placed in a class to train under
a seasoned teacher. This teacher trains the new employee and demonstrates
why the center is a three-star center and uses shows the employee how to
correct serve the students at the optimal level of child care. Many of the
teachers, however, use shortcuts to the proper technique and cause the new
employees to be uncertain of what is the best standard based on the Star
Quality. The problem I will be exploring in this paper is how to proper
train new employees on the excellent care for the center at the three-star

Analyze needs

To determine the strengths and weaknesses of the new employee, a task
analysis would have to be conducted. The new teachers must have specific
levels of knowledge, skill, and ability to demonstrate during the STARS
evaluations. An observation of the employee\'s teaching could help identify
the areas of need. The observation would be a mock trial of STARS
evaluation. The assessor would look to be sure each teacher masters the
objectives set.
A person analysis would also need to ensure the employees and
potential employees have the readiness for training. It would be used to
determine if they have the personal characteristics (ability, attitudes,
beliefs, and motivation) required to learn the complex STARS program
content and apply it on the job and to ensure that the classroom will
facilitate learning and safety.
In addition to the task and person analysis, an organizational
analysis should be given. Because the child care facility strives for
three-stars, we need to identify whether the training in place supports the
company\'s strategic direction and follows the STAR program requirement. We
also need to determine whether the managers and employees support training
activities and what training resources are available. The director of the
center must develop and present training aligned with the mission, vision
and goals of the STARS program. This is crucial for the ultimate success of
the training as the managers are directed to make it a priority to support
and incorporate the training results into their areas of the child
development center. Human Resources must have a through understanding of
the type of training and identify who needs it before task analysis can
begin. Current knowledge and skill levels must be determined first. This
also an important step to determine job description requirements for future
staffing needs.

Learning Objectives/Training Method

The main learning objective is to successfully train new employees
about the protection of health and safety. Another objective is to build
relationships with children, parents, extended family, and community and to
provide students opportunities for stimulation and learning from
experience. If all objectives are mastered, the child care center will be
about to reach the maximum level of stars.
To train the new employees, I would first inform the training teachers
how important proper training would be for the new employees as well as the
for the center\'s accreditation. The training teachers should demonstrate
all learning objectives. Each trainer might have a different way of doing
things. Their practices can be seen in the kinds of activities children do,
in the way that children and adults talk to each other, in the kinds of
toys available to the children, in the daily and weekly schedule