A strategic planning initiative for the organization identified in the Week 2 assignment - Identify an initiative discussed in the organization\'s annual report.

Microsoft is a computer company whose main focus is to continuously deliver new ways for people to expand and see their own potential through technology. Microsoft’s main strategic planning goes into investments in research and development resources to continue expanding and updating their product. “Microsoft’s ability to seamlessly launch major refreshes in brands including Windows Server, Systems Center and Windows OS shows the company’s commitment to long-term initiatives and delivering consistent results at a time when so many vendors are redefining their brands and strategies.”, says Research Analyst, Matthew Casey. Staying true to their commitment Microsoft announced, in 2012, their development of the Windows 8 operating system. The 2012-13 annual report reflected, Microsoft’s main initiative to invest in new devices and services with the Windows 8 system.( Financial Review). This strategy will require investment in datacenters and other infrastructure to support our services, and will bring continued competition with Apple, Google, and other well-established and emerging competitors.

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