Field Experience: Child Observation
Child: (Initial only)
Date of Observation:
Time of Observation:
Other children and adults present:
Focused Questions (Answer the following questions giving detailed examples.)
What are some of the activities the child is doing? Describe.
What materials or toys or equipment is the child using? Describe what the child does with the materials or toys.
What parts of the body is the child using? Fingers? Hands? Arms? Legs? Eyes? Ears?
With whom is the child playing? Is the child alone, playing with one or more children? How would you describe the child\'s interactions with others?
How is the child relating to the adults in the room? Describe what you see.
What is the child saying? Write down some words you heard the child say to adults and/or children.
Do you notice any nonverbal communication from the child? Describe.
As you observe this child, look at the each developmental domain and write about what you have observed about the development of this child in this area.



From your observation, what do you think this child is ready to learn next? If you were this child\'s teacher, what would you plan for the child to support their development? What new developmental skills or behaviors is this child ready for? What are some activities you might plan for this child?

What did you find valuable about doing this observation? What did you learn from this experience?