What is federalism? Will it be a problem to our country? Or it will improve our country? Federalism is a form of government that distributes the power in the government between a central authority and the constituent units. Federalism can either be a success or fail, depending on the country. There are positive and negative side s in implementing federalism, som e of the negative effects are having inequalities between the regions , for example, instead of equal funds for health throughout the country, some region will spend more than the other, also to those regions that have political dynasty it will be unfair to the citizens, nothing will change/improve in their region because one family is controlling the region and they will not change their way of leading their region. Some of the benefits of federalism are first, diffusing of power, where power will be shared and not centralized into a single person or group of people, second is the citizen will have a participation in the society because government will be closer to the level of common citizens, they can help the government officials in improving their region which will result to more responsible citizens that can be the future leaders in the society. The last one is the innovation in law and policy, different sets of rules, policy and laws can be tried, and the most effective can be implemented in other regions or throughout the country, it's like the policy in the regions are experimental and when it is proved, it will be used as a national law. Federalism will be a good change in our country, but we need to make sure that if it is implemented, we know how to deal with it and learn to face the consequences of the actions we have made.