Samantha Jacobs
EDF 203
Dr. Day
January 20, 2016
Favorite Teacher Essay
I transferred to Owen County High School my sophomore year and was put in your class Mrs. Dorton. Iíve never been good at the whole school thing, I have always been that student in class who could only understand something if the teacher would come up to me and explain it to me one on one. Not only that, but I need to do things hand on and not with a group of people. Unfortunately at my first High School it consisted of group work and teachers who would only lecture and then sit at their desk until the bell rang. Thankfully, my sophomore year of High School I was lucky enough to be in the class with my soon to be favorite teacher.
When I think of what kind of teacher I want to become characteristics of you come to mind. Caring, loving, but also strict. I want to be that teacher where my students feel like they can come to me about anything, I want them to trust me as I trusted you. Not only that, but I loved how you would walk around the class to help explain things to the students who didnít quite understand what you said the first go around. Instead of being frustrated with said students you would simply look at them like anyone else and help them.
I remember one day we were in class and you were just simply walking around teaching, no one had their phones out, and you would just make us laugh while explaining to us what the area of a rectangle is. Thatís what I want as a teacher is to have the respect of my class like you did from us. While being able to have the students enjoy just the simplest lectures. Thank you for being my favorite teacher and I hope when I become a teacher, I can impact my students like you did for me.