Extra Terrestrial Intelligence VS. Humanity

Fatima Zahid
Michael De Robertis

Being the senior staff member of the United Nations I would question the Extra Terrestrial Intelligent through visual communication, symbols along with the use of the English language. The reason for that is, we humans do not know whether the ETI can comprehend the English language or letters in general. Having pictures present would make it easier for them to understand and it makes sense to communicate in that way specially with unfamiliar societies. The question I would ask is, tell us about yourself? To put this question in the form of pictures I would simply use a drawing of their UFO with the symbol of a question mark. According to SETI Institute, ETI can have various reactions and emotional responses to certain terms, so it's important we learn if they are safe. This way, we can figure out if the ETI are dangerous and if they don't have plans to destruct planet Earth and take over humanity. Once we know they're safe to approach, hopefully with the technology we will have in about 30 years could help us track where the signal came from exactly.
In terms of any major ramification that takes place on planet Earth due to the discovery of ETI, in my opinion I believe this phenomenon could shake science. Brand new evidence for scientists all around the world, making a long-lasting impact on today's society. Some may think the discovery of ETI may be negative but In my opinion it would leave the human civilization in paranoia as a discovery of a new much more advanced civilization has taken over, so it's important to first learn their motive.
METI is a good idea, I am more of an optimistic person I believe if the ETI wanted to destroy us they had the chance to do so a long time ago as we have had radio transmissions around for many years. In my opinion I believe being in contact with ETI could be great with their advanced technology maybe they could help us find the cure for cancer!