Example Persuasive Speech

Example Persuasive Speech

UFO’s are real!!

Attention Grabber: Regardless of your personal beliefs on the likelihood of extraterrestrial life,

UFO’s, Unidentified Flying Objects, are just that: unidentified and flying, not necessarily

extraterrestrial. In life, the better informed we are about our surroundings, the better our overall

decision making process is.

Credibility Statement: I have read a number of books on UFO’s and have even seen one


General Purpose: I am here to help you understand that UFO’s are real—there are flying

objects that cannot be identified.

Preview Statement: First I will give you the ancient accounts of UFO’s; secondly, I will explain

the most documented UFO sightings, and lastly, I will tell you about the more recent government

reports about UFO’s.

I. Ancient accounts of UFO’s

A. Christian Bible

B. Accounts considered as signs (source: Jacques Vallee’s Passport to Mangonia)

C. “Aerial Ships”

1. Ezekiel’s Wheel

2. Unearthly glowing objects in the night sky

1. Almost beheaded priest

1. Naval accounts—ship Sibernian and ship Vultur

Transition: This completes our information on ancient accounts of UFO’s; now we can move on

to the most documented UFO sightings in the past century.

II. Most Documented UFO Sightings in the Past Century

A. Military UFO Sightings (source: Robert E. Bartholomew and George S. Howard,

UFO’s and Alien Contact)

1. World War I—phantom air raids and mysterious aero-planes

2. World War II—“Foo fighters”

B. Citizen UFO Sightings (source: David Michael Jacobs, The UFO Controversy in


C. Personal UFO Sightings (source: Frank B. Salisbury, The UFO Display)

1. Crop Circles

2. Snow Circles

3. Land Circles

1. Betty and Barney Hill

2. French Doctor

Transition: This concludes the information of UFO sightings in the past century; let’s move on

to the most recent government reports about UFO’s

III. Resent Government Reports

A. UFO Report Similarities (source: Frank Edwards, Flying Saucers, Serious Business)

1. Shape—saucer

2. Behavior—hovering

3. Color—reduce in brightness as reduce in speed

B. Government’s position on “explaining” UFO’s (source: Frank B. Salisbury, The UFO


1. Only by the Air Force

2. Always as conventional objects and conditions

C. Government Releases about UFO’s (source: David Michael Jacobs, The UFO

Controversy in America)

1. UFO’s are a threat to national security

2. What Air Force Academy Cadets are taught

Statement of three main points: Now you know about the ancient accounts of UFO’s, the most

documented UFO sightings in the past century, and the most recent Government reports about


Conclusion: The next time you are driving along and see something that’s not quite a plane, and

not quite a star, take a second look; it might be a weather balloon.