Examine the causes of Billy Casper's problems.

Billy Casper has many problems, although most of them are not actually
his fault. There are caused by the surrounds he live in, such as his family life,
his school and his physical make-up. Billy is a week child, he is often picked
on because of this.

Billy's mother does not care for him, because of this he dose not have a
bond with his mother so he fells unloved. Love is very important for a child
such as Billy, as it would make him feel more responsible for his actions. If he
knew he mother loved, him then he probably wouldn't get into so much trouble
with the police, because he wouldn't want to upset his mother. Billy's mother
is so unconcerned for his safety and health, that at the beginning of the book
she lets him go out at seven in the morning for a paper round. When he gets
back he dose not have any breakfast, and all his mother can do is shout art
him for not doing her errands. This therefor makes him late for school.

Billy is often the subject of bulling, mainly from his brother and from
MacDowall. He tries to fight back he is always beaten as him opponents are
usually twice as big as him. Billy is also beaten up psychologically by his P.E
teacher. I think this is more damaging to him, because as it is his teacher
doing the bullying he knows he can't fight back.

Billy has very poor living conditions, his house is freezing, his room has
cold lino floor, there is hardly any food in the house and he has to share his
bed with his brother.

I think that Casper dose not feel like he fits in to society. For example
he dose not have a Father and he dose not have a family. I think that Billy
longs for a proper family to give him all the love and attention he needs. If he
had a real family he wouldn't have to steal chocolate, which would mean he
wouldn't get in trouble with the police so often. His essay he wrote in English
shows this well. In the essay, which is meant to be a tall story, he describes a
completely normal family life. It is only normal to us thought, because in the
essay is everything he hasn't got, but desperately longs for.

From the writing skills Billy displays in his essay most people would
presume that Billy is fairly unintelligent, but that is quite the oppersit. In fact is
very cleaver, only at subjects that interest him, such as falconry. Billy knows a
lot about the subject, and even how to spell the complicated words associated
with it.

Casper is a very weak child physically and mentally, combined with his
home problems and his fear of the mines it is really not surprising that Billy is a
problem child with no real aim in life. The interview with the careers adviser
tells us this.