Event marketing plan
Just like a company, an event needs to be marketed properly to reach out to everyone that you want it to.

The concept and the theme of the event should reach the right audiences, and for this, there needs to be the right event marketing. The first step towards the right event is to make a plan for the marketing
Market objectives
To increase the rate of customers by 3% through each event respectively during a period of three months
Decrease customer acquisition cost by 2% per month
Generate increased awareness of the service offered
Financial objectives
Profitability by each event
Maintain steady, monthly growth
Keys to success
Our keys to success include the commitment to quality by every person who is a part of the team.
Consistent, accurate fulfillment of the customers wishes.
Competitive pricing for the quality of service offered
Significant profit made on each event planned

Target market
Our target markets are middle to upper-middle class students, couples, individual students of icbt or any outside parties. We chose these groups because they are conveniently available and have the less amount of time to spare for event planning in general.

Advertising and promotion, and customer service
Customer Service: ignite goes about the day-to-day operations with the belief that 100% customer satisfaction is required in order to make the business a success. All levels of the organization have been taught this and practice it
Marketing Mix
Ignite's marketing mix is comprised of the following approaches to pricing, distribution, Pricing: The pricing scheme will be based on a per project estimate
Distribution: Ignite distributes tickets through personal selling targeting mostly the full time students and willing part time and MBA students at ICBT
Advertising and Promotion: Several forms of advertising and promotion will be used including a website, partnerships/ networking with clubs at ICBT, posters and social media announcements

Marketing Project Timeline

1 st week

2 nd week

3 rd week
4 th


Deciding the events

[pre- event]
Finalizing the event

Approving the project proposal

Making relevant adjustment

Printing of tickets,
Social media announcement

[Event launch]
Promotion activates
Issuing tickets

Issuing tickets
Social media promotions

Final Details

1st E vent

2 nd E vent
[26 th -30 th ]

Emerging as a joint venture

Social media announcement

Ticket distribution

Ticket distribution

Final announcement
Ticket distribution

3 rd Event



Possible risks are the purchase of tickets by customers. But, selling tickets in the coming months would be attractive, since students are looking forward to the start of the year, New Year means new student entries, which mean a whole new customer base to consider hence, this would be useful for them to purchase. Also, through new concepts, other target markets are expected to purchase as well through our convincing marketing team.
Worst can risk may include
Determining that the business cannot support itself on an ongoing basis
Contingency planning
If the main event does not carry out according to plan, ignite will switch from event organization to product selling (raffle draw) this will be done by the printing of tickets and issuing it out for a ticket price of Rs.50, and the individual target per employee will be 20 tickets to ensure a targeted profit of Rs 17000.