Essay outline
Subject: Modern vs Traditional Societies

Talk about society is changing, define what traditional and modern society means
Thesis statement:
The most important differences between traditional and modern societies are the social hierarchy, mass consumption, and family structure.

Body paragraph 1:
examine characteristics of traditional society
Honor and prestige
Believes in superstitions, magic

Body paragraph 2:
Examine characteristics of modern society
Freedom and individuality
Ambition /Competition

Body paragraph 3:
Modern society and self indulgence
Religion important in traditional society
Debt is a sin in traditional society

Body paragraph 3:
Mass consumption
Installments type of credit

Body paragraph 4:
Family structure of traditional society
Roles of the honorable men and woman

Body Paragraph 5:
Marriages in traditional society were arranged, modern recognize romantic love
Modern families are smaller and more freedom of the family members
Government provides social services

Restating thesis
Sympathetic towards modern society
More freedom and creativity
Technology advanced