The poetics of popular music
October 7, 2014
Essay 1
Music means may different things to many different people. To the audience, a song is sometimes for four minutes of entertainment, but occasionally it is much more. At times, a song is a message from the artist’s perspective. The message coming from the artist can get so complicated that it is comprehensively lost on the listeners. For this essay, two songs “Save the Last Dance for Me” by Felder and “Then he kissed me” by Greenwich will compared according to their similar themes. The major theme used by Felder and Greenwich is about confidence on their beloved. Both these songs, have a strong point of view such as Felder tells us how the man looks out for his lover and Greenwich points out how the woman is treated by her man.
Both of these the women are treated with care. The writer of “Save the Last Dance for Me” shows us that the partner trust his girlfriend by means, he lets her dance with another man in such as they can have fun and the man can hold her tight. The speaker tells us that “Who gives you the eye, let him hold you tight” (2). These lyrics means that the stranger can look at her in a way that communicates romantic interest, as for that a man who tells his lover that she can flirt with him shows lot courage to tell that. As for in “Then He Kissed Me” cites us that woman is not a shy character. In this song, she is not controlled by anyone but herself, stating that she showed a positive gesture by dancing and telling how she feels about the man. The writers informs us that “I didn’t know what to do/So I whispered I love you/And he said that he loved me too” (13-15). It shows how the girl didn’t hesitate to wait for few dates, but instead urges to tell him how she felt about him, is a sign of confidence. The two songs display several repetitions of phrases. The repeated line “So darlin’ save the last dance for me” has cover up of jealousy implied in the suggestion that the song’s object could quickly forget who she arrived with at the dance in the first place. In “Then He kissed me” Greenwich uses the line “And then he kissed me” repeatedly. Every time she says that line, it confirms her love towards him, by describing the kiss as a turning point in her life.
Both songs portray several similarities between the relationship of the man and his girlfriend, in which the composer also shows confidence toward their partner. Confidence seeps into your body. All that non-verbal communication, the way you walk, the way you stand, the eye contact you make, all comes from how you see yourself in your mind. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, you can’t have confidence in your relationship. And if you don’t have confidence in your relationship, you’ll find it impossible to trust the other person.
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