To me when Rose states this he gives examples of people like Caroline and Thuy Anh. They came from two different social backgrounds and their in the same class for the same reason. It's not because they don't have the intellectual knowledge to read and write. It's because of there childhood. They had to put other things first rather than they're education. Another example is of the dark-skinned boy, who perhaps is Guatemalan. So much has happened from his past that he now is causing trouble. His name is Mario. He paints these pictures about negative things (beggars, eyes on billboards, skeletal homeboys, etc) because that's what he remembers from the place he was born. He's not able to learn because that's what's in his head. Socially things have happened to him has affected his learning abilities. "It is an astounding challenge: the complex and wrenching struggle to actualize the potential not only of the privileged but, too of those who have. . . . ." What I get from this is that people who struggle no matter from what they're background is can