Professor Voll
Eng 105
31 Mar 2015
107 Annotated Bibliography
Thesis: In today’s world, a lot of students are not receiving the quality education they deserve because the lack of successful teachers. Many students who live in high area's schools are getting an excellent education they need in order to be successful in the future, opposed in urban community students lack the quality of a good education. However, this has significantly changed from an organization Teach for America, which was established to ensure students who are living in poverty have the same opportunity to have access to higher education.

Behrman, Jere R., and Nevxer Stacey. The Social Benefits of Education. Michigan: U of Michigan, 1997. Print.
This book,” The Social Benefit of Education” discusses the advantage and benefits of a good education. The population are potentially considerable and has changed many lives of students. The increase of education is highly getting strong and positive in terms of correlating with the measure of health, strong families, children’s wellbeing, a good clean environment and a host of many more things. The book” The Social Benefits of Education” talks about the correlation and government intervention regarding education. This is considered to be a useful source to implement into my research paper. It contains information that is relevant to my topic, such as how education is a way to benefit students and teachers in so many ways in term of professional and personal life.

Spring, Joel H. American Education. 5th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1996. Print
This book is a great source because it pertains to my topic and talks about the power and the importance of education. How children need to be taught effectively in order to learn and grow as human beings. The author writes that education was a meaning for keeping a county in line. It is imperative to have students understand society needs an education and problems that cause lack of education. Joe Spring also addressed education and equality. In one of his chapters he focuses on student diversity in America. The majority of the nations is seeing a great increase in diversity in terms of families that relocate for job opportunities, improved political conditions, or illegal immigrations. Spring discusses also the current diverse population has made dramatic improvement. He really talks about a variety of things in the book. I think this source provides a ton of good information that can enhance my research paper.

Hammond, Darling. "Does Teacher Preparation Matter? Evidence about Teacher Certification, Teach for America, and Teacher Effectiveness." Http:// N.p., Oct. 2005. Web. 28 Mar. 2015.
In this article, studies have shown the great usage of Teach for America teachers are on the edge of being as effective and competitive as teachers in general who have certification for teaching. In other words, there has been a debate on how TFA teachers are considered to be more successful than teachers who has been through the process of testing and training requirement for a certification. The article also tells how the data shows Teach for America teachers are candidates that are from rigorous, selective universes, where they are required to receive weeks of training prior to teaching—are as effective as similar teachers who are experienced, certified teachers. This article demonstrates that Teach for America teachers have been proved to be a good well-educated and a good resource for children in a successful matter, regardless. This is a good thing because TFA teachers are not considered to be certified teachers and still are able to perform well as other teachers. This is a good, very useful source for my research paper. It talks about the greatness of TFA teachers and how they are able to be successful just like a typical teacher who is certified to teach. It also goes on to relating to my topic, because my research paper is going to be regarding children who are living in poverty are not able to attain a good education. However, education equity that children are facing stops when TFA teachers are established to make an impact and change in children's lives. Teach for America organization is not only helping their teachers become more successful and gain leadership skills, but also have a huge impact on many students. I think this article can help