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Employee Rights in the Workplace Worksheet

Complete each section below. Be sure to cite your sources when necessary (including all uses of the textbook).

1. Laws affecting employee rights

Identify three laws that affect employee rights. Include a description and the impact each has on a Human Resource Manager.

Law Description Impact it has on HRM
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Establishes the amount of the federal minimum wage, which is revised on a periodic basis. Also require all covered employees to be paid overtime for any hours worked over 40 in a workweek. HR should constantly review the amount paid to employees. Hr managers should also ensure employees are classified appropriately for their positions, failure to comply with FLSA can lead to penalties and back pay,
Americans with Disabilities Act Prohibits an employee from discriminating against employees on the basis of disability or perceived disability. Hr must train managers on what information they should, or should not, require regarding an employees medical situation.
The federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Provides eligible employees with the ability to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in a 12-month period for a variety of circumstances. HR managers need to be trained on the eligible reasons for leave.

2. Employee rights issues

What are three current issues regarding employee rights in the workplace? Explain each and provide examples.

Issue Explanation Example
Age Discrimination Unequal treatment due to his or her age An employee being denied a promotion or project because employee is over 40, but work shows they are equal or better than younger employees.
Diversity Racial discrimination, unequal treatment due to ones ethnic background or skin color Racial discrimination in the work place often consists of derogatory statements, unfair policies, dismissals and conditions of employment.
Religion Religious discrimination is the unequal treatment of employees based on their religious beliefs. Usually consists of unwarranted dismissals, harassment, segregation or unequal pay. An employee being forced to not actualize his religious beliefs in the workplace.

3. Employee Discipline

Identify at least five factors that should be considered when disciplining an employee.

1. Seriousness of the problem
2. Duration of problem
3. Frequency and mature of the problem
4. Extenuating Factors
5. Degree of socialization

Identify three best practices to use before disciplining an employee.

1. Check the handbook
2. Get the facts before taking action
3. Maintain a record

4. Personal Experience

What personal experience do you have that relates to any of the above? Be specific in the situation, but do not use names or the company name.

I personally have experienced age discrimination in the work place. Mostly today you hear about companies discriminating against employees over 40 because they want younger employees that are more up to date on education and technology. For me I had the opposite experience. I worked at a store that got bought out and the new owner slowly started cutting back all the employees’ hours that were in high school and hiring only new employees in college. He eventually one by one fired all employees that were in high school for absurd reasons. It was unprofessional and not fair to any of us that worked very hard.