Stephanie Sedhom
Effects of Makeup and Self Image

1. Name 4 non-scientific ways of knowing about the world.

There are four nonscientic ways of knowing about the world. First is common sense, which means the information is self evident. Second is tenacity, meaning the quality or fact of continuing to exist; persistence. "The tenacity of certain myths within the historical record." Third is authority, established belief based on prominence or importance of source. Lastly intuition, something that just "stands to reason" -- use of rational processes with benefit of experience.

2. Name seven common errors of human inquiry.

The seven common errors in human inquiry are inaccurate observation, overgeneralization, selective observation, made-up information, illogical reasoning, ego involvement in understanding, premature closure of inquiry.

3. Define independent variable and state Independent variable in your study.

An independent variable is a variable that stands alone isn\'t change by the other samples you\'re trying to measure. An independent variable in my study is gender.

4. Define dependent variable and safety dependent variable in your study.

A dependent variable is something that depends on other factors. In a study you are looking for a relationship between two things you are trying to find out what makes dependent variable change. In my study an example of a dependent variable would be the amount of social media my subject has been influenced by.

5. Distinguish quantitative and qualitative research and state which research method you are utilizing.

Qualitative research is to provide a complete detailed description of the research topic. It is usually more exploratory in nature. Quantitative research focuses more in counseling and classifying features and constructing statistical models and figures to explain what is observed. My research will be involving qualitative data because it will include interviews images and videos.