Cooper Casamento
Mr. Carter
English 10 Honors, Period 6
14 February 2016

Editorial Cartoon Project
Cartoon 1

This political cartoon is about the issue of police brutality in America, and this cartoon is specifically focused on the event of George Zimmerman shooting and killing Trayvon Martin. At the time of this incident, George Zimmerman was a police officer, and Trayvon Martin was an African-American child who was 17 years old. The cartoonist\'s opinion of this whole issue is that George Zimmerman got off empty-handed, and he shows this by putting a picture of George Zimmerman flying out of a cage on the "Get Out of Jail Free" card from the board game Monopoly. The cartoonist also uses labeling, by putting labels on the tea and the Skittles. He does this because that is what Trayvon Martin was carrying when he was shot coming back from the store. The cage that Zimmerman is flying out of represents jail, and Zimmerman is just flying out of it because he really did get out of jail free. There is also a hole in the middle of Martin\'s sweatshirt, representing where Zimmerman shot him. This cartoon was not very persuasive to me, because I already share the same view point as the cartoonist: Zimmerman was not innocent and he did not deserve to get out of jail that easily.

Cartoon 2

This political cartoon focuses on the issues of both college debt, and the large amounts of homework for students in grades lower than college, but it is mainly focused on the issue of college debt. The cartoonist believes college debt is outrageous, and that is why he is writing this cartoon. He is writing this cartoon because he wants something done about this issue, because college debt leaves most former students in debt for many years after they graduate. The cartoonist uses the large backpack on the man labeled college to represent the large amount of debt many college graduates have after they graduate, and he uses the large backpack on the younger kid to show how they are just "in training." The cartoonist obviously exaggerated the size of the backpack, but he did it to show how large the amount of debt really is and how the debt can hold someone down. The cartoonist used labeling to show how the college student is being held down by the debt. The cartoonist is most likely trying to aim this cartoon at important people who can change the amount of money it takes to go to college.